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Oasis offers Camps as Supplementary Inputs to the usual courses students undergo. Why do they need these Camps? How much important is it for students to attend these camps? Who should attend them? The following material attempts to address such issues.

What does Oasis Camps contain? 

Please refer to the list of subjects covered every month in Camps. Do you want to make your students Self-confident? How is this possible if they are not taught about this? Are students aware how their self-confidence is crushed everyday and how could they protect it and develop it? Do students know their own potential? Are they aware about their hidden talents and aptitudes? Do they choose their career based on what they enjoy doing and excel at? Or are they victims of social pressures? How important is it for them to know how to set goals of their lives and to learn how to achieve them? Youths have lot of energy. How do we channelize this energy in to constructive direction? How can we teach them to manage their time more productively? Do they know how to solve the problems of their lives?Relationships are synonym of life. We live in relationships only. Life is not possible without relationships. Yet how much they know about building relationships? Oasis Camps teaches them the basic principles of building relationships in a way that will stay with them for their lifetime. The Oasis Curriculum also helps them to understand what true Love is and prepare them for their roles as spouse and parent.And at the last, but not the least, Oasis Camps makes our youths aware of their responsibilities towards their nation. No education is adequate if the youths are not made better citizens of their country. Inculcating civic sense is also a very important aspect of Oasis Course.If you feel the above sample of subjects is important, and if you passionately believe in this kind of Value Education, Oasis offers you the same in excellent form.


Why would Students prefer attending Oasis Camps? 

This is a genuine question. The young generation is impatient when it comes to any kind of preaching. But Oasis knows by experience what interests this generation. While the subjects covered are deeply related to the youths, Oasis Course also makes sure that they relate all these with their existing problems of life. The environment created at Oasis Camps is that of friendship- that of respect and trust. The methodology of deliverance is that of participation, discussion and dialogue. Oasis also uses excellent world movies and world best-seller books as media to educate them for all subjects of the course. Outings, trekking programs, dialogues with celebrities, use of internet, offering them constant touch through mail communication and personal counseling too when needed, Oasis “LIFE” Course is designed in a way that it becomes a very attractive package to the young generation.It has been established through 2 decades of experience that Oasis has, that the youths, who look for opportunities to bunk their regular classes, look forward to Oasis Classes and they routinely demand to meet more frequently since they find these classes a real OASIS in their lives.


Why should Teachers attend the Oasis Teachers Training Course? 

Oasis recommends this Course for teachers too, particularly where they are still in the age group of 20-30 years, as they are open-minded and each one of them can potentially influence hundreds of youths in their lifetime. Oasis believes parents and teachers can give to the children only what they have. We can teach what we are and not what we merely know. Can teachers teach self-confidence if they themselves lack the same? Can self-confidence be taught merely by preaching? Similarly, can teachers teach about finding and achieving goals of life, about relationships, about being a good citizen of India and so on if they themselves need this education first?Do you believe, as the Visionary of your institute, that running an institute is much more than making it profitable? Do you wish to gift something great to your students, which they would not forget for their lifetime; rather they would remember and utilize the lessons that they learnt more and more as their life advances? Do you want to leave a legacy that goes beyond organizational & commercial success? If the answers to such questions are affirmative, how can you NOT equip your teachers with Life-education! Oasis Camps is a great investment for your teachers, who are your real assets and a great gift to your students if you look at them as your own children.


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