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Partnership for Positive Change [P4PC]


Being a Partner.......


  • We help you to increase effectiveness of your organisation and you help us to propagate Oasis Movement for Character Building.

  • We give you precious knowledge, processes and systems about human development as well as organizational development. We expect you to share with us your Human and / or Physical and / or Financial resources to help us propagate our movement.

  • We consider your organisation as one of the very important organisations and we will try to contribute whatever we can in facilitating it's growth. We also believe that we are doing very important work for the society and seek your contributions in our endeavours.


Principles behind Partnership for Positive Change


  • Tree dies from the top: 

The CEO should be willing to set an example everywhere. Positive and remarkable change in any organisation is possible only if it flows from the very top, and is directly proportionate to his/her learning abilities.

  • Development Requires Education: 

All human-beings have tremendous potentials for positive change. All wish to change given the right environment, space, nurturing and Education.

  • Education is Learning and Not Teaching: 

No one can teach or change the other by design. One can learn according to one's will and abilities. Our job is to help them in helping themselves by creating the right environment, giving them space, nurturing them in different ways and effectively imparting them knowledge and insightful experiences in the area of self-development.

  • No Involvement, No Commitment: 

To improve the commitment of people it is very important to involve them in everything at all levels. Trust is the bedrock of powerful delegation and respecting people is the beginning of empowering them. We have unique process of creating an Organization's Mission Statement to improve involvement and sense of belonging of each employee towards the organisation.

  • Policies, Agreements, Processes, Systems Matter: 

Good intentions are not enough. In any organisation, it is necessary to align the Purposes with Policies, Results with Agreements, Processes, Systems etc. to have the desired effects (in terms of employee behaviour, team, performance, achieving goals, beating deadlines etc.).

  • Long Term is More Important: 

Sustaining and accelerating productivity and growth in the long term is much more important than maximizing profit in the short term and 'killing the hen' in the process.

Excel Group of Companies, Mumbai

Partners of Oasis in positive change:


  1. Excel Group of Companies, Mumbai

  2. K. Girdharlal, Surat

  3. Shairu Gems, Surat

  4. Ankit Gems, Surat

  5. Shahajanand Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat

  6. Mindtree, Bangalore

  7. Nakoda Textiles Ind. Ltd., Surat

  8. Essteam Design Services, Surat

  9. JMC Group of Companies, Ahmedabad

  10. LIFE Foundation, Rajkot

  11. Fairdeal Filaments, Karanj, Dist. Surat

  12. G.E.T.R.I.

  13. Design Studio, Zydus Cadila, Ahmedabad

  14. JBS group of companies, India

  15. Aga Khan Rural Support Program, India

  16. Vesta Inc., Washington DC, USA


What You Can Expect


At Individual Level:


  • Great stimulation for individual development.

  • Increased awareness and enthusiasm to improve.

  • Effective work-processes which will help an individual according to his/her own will and abilities to learn.

  • An environment of friendship - love & respect for all irrespective of their designation/status.

  • Knowledge for Positive Change which can function as Mirror, Compass, Map and Detailed Guide.


At Organisational Level:


  • Systematic, right and effective guidance for personal growth and Organisation-building.

  • Supplementing the efforts of top management to facilitate positive change.

  • Wholistic growth of an individual (growth in all roles of an individual).

  • Acceptance and affirmation of all participants.

  • A very good catalyst partnership for Organisational Development.

What You Should Not Expect


At Individual Level:


  • 'Problematic' individuals are converted into 'Positives'.

  • Drastic, overnight changes in behaviour.

  • Our teaching and influencing all equally irrespective of their individual will.

  • A formal environment where some persons are more important than others.

  • Some Miracles which changes people without their own will and effort.


At Organisational Level:


  • Immediately measurable change in productivity and profitability of organisation.

  • Complementing or substituting the efforts/behaviour of top management.

  • Our acting just on the professional roles to improve productivity.

  • Criticizing and/or attempts to convert all or some participants.

  • Powerful medicine to cure the 'illnesses' or to get rid of 'weaknesses' of an organisation.

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