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Oasis began its workshops in the year 2001, with a 2 days’ module, which immediately evolved into a 3 days’ module entitled as ‘Success with self’. A year later, after tremendously encouraging reports for this first module, the other two modules ‘Success in Relationships’ and ‘Stress Vision Retreat’ were also introduced.


However, it was observed that it was difficult to ensure commitments of whole group for second and third modules if the first part was concluded. Thus Oasis launched the full series on ‘Mahan Hrudayona Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni’, having 5-6 modules, each having 2 days and spread over the whole year.


After completing the first batch successfully, Oasis observed that 10 days in one year was not enough time to transform lives. Some more inputs were also envisaged to participants in different areas of concerns in their lives, like marriage, parenting, family-building, career/mission of life, etc. Thus second series ‘Learning to Love’, having same duration of 5-6 workshops, each having 2 days was introduced.


By the time this second series was completed, Oasis applied all its experience of last 15 years and concluded that for establishing the results in the area of human development, normally 4 to 5 years are needed. Thus was born the revolutionary idea of introducing a course called ‘The Philosophy, Art and Science of Living, Loving and Learning!’, shortly known as Oasis L3 Course.


This course consists of 4-5 years, each year having 10 days in 5 modules for a batch of 20 participants. (The days are likely to vary with number of participants.)


Details of the beneficiaries so far


  • Total No. of Oasis Workshops done

More than 300

Includes in-house workshops also

  • Total No. of Participants

More than 10,000 people

Includes, Professionals, Employees, Teachers, Villagers, Youths

  • Total No. of Organisations served

More than 50 organisations

Includes Corporate, NGOs, Govt. Organisations, Diamond & Other Industries, Schools, Colleges


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Information about Oasis workshops

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