Three-L-ing Courses for Teenagers

Just after the festival of Deepawali, from 27th October to 2nd November 2014, 42 teenagers including few young children, got together at Oasis Valleys on a special invitation, to attend the first workshop of Oasis Flag-ship Course designed for Oasis Character Building Movement. "The Philosophy, Art & Science of Living, Loving & Learning"- in short called 'Oasis L3 Course' - was launched for the teenagers first time. Oasis L3 course is a scientific course in the field of Self-development and has been widely appreciated by all sections of the adult society. Till date hundreds of professionals, businessmen, teachers and parents have benefited from this course. And Oasis strongly advocates to have this life changing education as a part of our schooling. So with this vision the course has been introduced for children & teenagers.


Though the course content is difficult for even adults to grasp in the first instant, it was re-designed and modified for easy understanding of the youngsters. Oasis Movement founder and the Chief Facilitator of Oasis L3 Course, Shri. Sanjiv Shah took up the challenge to facilitate children's workshop in their own language and as expected the Children responded to it equally well with much enthusiasm. As days passed, children fell in love with the course content and the method of deliverance. At the end of the first workshop (total course duration is 40 days, spread over 4-5 years), each and every child was bubbling with joy and was eager to come again & again for the course.


This special L3 Course was designed and facilitated by Shri. Sanjiv Shah in a way that the youngsters could understand the concepts very easily. Sheeba Nair, Trustee, OASIS, assisted him in facilitation. Children loved the way Sanjivbhai facilitated the whole workshop. The atmosphere created was very light and full of humor, which was very conducive for learning heavy principles of Life.


In the atmosphere of freedom and friendship the Teenagers learnt Values and Principles related to life which will help them to make their life Great. They created joy & happiness, enjoyed true friendship and helped each other in learning important lessons.



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