Oasis Three-L-ing Course

'Oasis L3 Course' is an abbreviated form of course conducted by Oasis on 'The Philosophy, Art and Science of Living, Loving and Learning'. As you can observe, L3 stands for Living, Loving and Learning. This is a process to bring out the inherent potentials lying within a person and getting connected with the deep-rooted values and principles of life! It is a unique, rare programme that systematically helps for wholistic growth.


Oasis Three-L-ing Course is basically course on self education- educating your self for living life in a right way, in an excellent way. As Aristotle has said, “There is no excellence in the whole world which can be separated from right living.” So this is about excelling in life. It’s about creating a success that is not an illusion- success that is like true pearls that are unbreakable and not like glass beads that can be broken in no time. Is excellence and success feasible without this self-education about life and love? This is about providing leadership to self. This is about life management. This is like getting admitted into a university of love, life and friendship!


Imagine! While we spend so many years in schools and colleges, just for the purpose of creating our livelihood, how come we never give a thought to: how to live, how to love, how to learn! As if these things genetically exist like hunger and sex, which do not require dissemination of information, digesting in to knowledge and assimilation in to wisdom - that in fact can really be useful in day-to-day, moment-to-moment living! As if love is automatic and life can be lived by default! As if, no disciplining of mind is required, as if, cultivating heart is a fallacy, as if, self-control is irrelevant! Or as if, these matters don’t require any investment of time, energy, money and other resources and as if, even if these are important, they are certainly not high priorities!


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