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Opinion from Corporate Houses


Sanjivbhai's smiling face was one of the positive aspect of the workshop. His explanation, involving us in his view points and making us share all our doubts had made it very interesting. He conducted it in such a way that he made us realize the issue and also made us search and think about the solution. As if it became our workshop.

- Mahua Pakrashi, Zydus School for Excellence



Shri Sanjiv Shah is a fine orator. Very clear in his thoughts. Good deliveries and bridge building capacity. 

– Nimesh Shah, Partner-Director, JBS Group of Companies



I think Sanjivbhai Shah, being personally so evolved as a person, was an excellent facilitator to lead us to see our drawbacks and even speak freely about them without any constraint.

– Neelam Syal, Zydus School for Excellence



Excellent & effective communication. As persons, they are very down to earth, easily accessible and very honest. Very good effort is put to build a value-based society in which people learns to live a good life.

- Niladri Lashar [Asst. Executive] NDDB, Anand



Mr. Sanjiv Shah is a very cooperative, good human being and has immense knowledge about the subject. The tone, knowledge, experience and many such things were very good to him. Good command over subject and language. Cool and positive person.

– Roshan Zameer, Sr. Officer (HR), R.O., JMC Projects (I) Ltd., Pune



Sanjivbhai is an excellent teacher of life. We learnt a lot observing him - how to listen, how to praise, how to compliment and how to live life fully.

– Mrinmoyee Saikia, Zydus School for Excellence



Mr. Sanjiv Shah is a very good orator and full of resources like examples, stories, techniques and solutions. As he lives the concepts, it is very easy for him to explain them. His knowledge base could satisfy everybody’s need to solve their problem. The way of handling query was very positive, which was touching the hearts of everybody. 

- Manish Dave, Sr. Manager (QA & QC), Head Office, JMC Projects (I) Ltd., Ahmedabad

Opinion from Professionals


Words are poor to express & describe my feelings towards his knowledge, feelingful expressions, control and simplicity in languages (either gujarati or english) and innocent smile. His perception towards problems related to practical life is remarkable and absolutely distinct. His eyes and speech is really magnetic. 

– Harish Mistry, Surat People’s Cooperative Bank Ltd


I admired his nonverbal communication. He is a live example of ‘Saint’ for all age. He is a role model for youth. He is a combination of East and West culture. In fact he has succeeded in evolving a unique culture / values.

– Bhavna Kapadia, Community Relation Manager, Hazira Cryogenic


Frank, Courageous and Truthful in front of students that I have also learnt from mistakes. 

- Pitambar Hinduja, Partner, Parag Watch-case Factory


Opinion from NGOs / Social Workers


Samvardhan Project has prepared our body for Rural Development work but the Soul has been inserted by Oasis and Sanjivbhai.

– Rajesh, Samvardhan Project, Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad


Other workshops are giving paths for life but Sanjivbhai has given the whole map of Life. WE have received perfect guidance from Sanjivbhai.

– Shri Ramubhai, Professor, Vanseva Mahavidhyalaya, Bilpudi


Excellent conduction, coordination, good communication. Two way interactive sessions, evoking good response from all participants. Full of emotional moments but with a hint of reality.

– Dr. Apurba Chowdhory, Medical Officer, AKRSP(I)


Sanjivbhai has given us a lot. He has entered into our heart such a way that we don't feel that he is teaching us/giving us. It was not sheer teaching but sharing for the betterment of life to its fullest extent. Invaluable moments of life... Unforgettable experience... 

– Chandrakant Meckwan


Opinion from Government Organisations


He is an empathic listener and a brilliant communicator. He embosses the concepts in the minds of participants. He has got the required clarity of mind and defuses the confusion.

– B. Ram KumarDy. Controller, Dept. of Legal Metrology, Govt. of A. P.


Masihaa Who want to plan and implement to make each & every person understanding, determined and still with softness, always smiling face, spontaneous, easy solutions to each problem, having strength to teach serious things in light environment and also promising to be with us as a Friend. 

– Kishorbhai DholakiaSection Officer, District of Rural Department, Govt. of Gujarat


The faculty was found kind, noble and knowledgeable. His expressions with reference to the subject matter was excellent. He has solved many of our queries of life in true manners. It shows the path to a man how he has to arrange his remaining life without struggle, stress and patients. It also gives us the idea how we should arrange our living in favour of our family, friends, relatives and society.

– S.G.Shah,Dy. General Manager(ESTT), Gujarat Electricity Board


Opinion from Corporate Houses


The presentation of these three days workshop by “Sheeba Nair” was extremely effective and touching. Sheeba Nair - A great, effective, smiling, loving, touching legend. 

– Subhash J. Kataria, Nakoda Textile Industries Ltd. Karanj, Surat.


This workshop was a wonderful learning opportunity. Experience of this workshop is really what matters in life and now the perception of life will change from today onwards after this workshop.

– S.K.Roy, Catering Executive, L & T Ltd.


She is very much open in her language and her art of communication is excellent. She is able to convey her message to others at a very much positive level.

– Jigar Shah, JBS Group of Companies Ltd.


Excellent & effective communication. As persons, they are very down to earth, easily accessible and very honest. Very good effort is put to build a value-based society in which people learns to live a good life.

– Niladri Lashar [Asst. Executive] NDDB, Anand


She is excellent. She has very good knowledge of what she has taught.

– Pradeep Kumar Dalela, Chief General Manager, Nakoda Textiles Industries Ltd., Surat


She has excellent knowledge about the subject of the workshop. She has a good command over language & explaining ability.

– J.R. Mehta, Financial Controller, Nakoda Textiles Industries Ltd., Surat

Opinion from Professionals


Sheeba is an excellent speaker, with a very positive body language. She speaks from heart and really wants to help others in real sense. She has good command over language and knows how to control audience with different colours. She is a focused person and knows what to do in life.

– Sameer Allawadi, Partner, Utkarsh Natural Organics & Biotech


She is a very good speaker. Her speech makes everything easy for us to understand. Her way of explanation & presenting things by excellent use of examples and stories makes the session more effective.

– Nidhi Kadvani, Kadvani Forge Ltd.


She used simple language with no heavy jargons. She is competent knowledge wise and covered the topics in a very lucid and easy manner to follow in real life. She has good clarity of thought and the ability to make a person think about his/her mission. All in all she had a good clench over the quorum leading to a lively session.

– Participants from Enercon India Ltd., Daman


The faculty was very wonderful in delivering all the best in the requisite time and emphasizing each and every topic to the depth of understanding. The way she involved the participants in the discussions is quite worthy. She made the session interesting by her simple communication and her teaching techniques. She showed good interest in involving all the participants with lot of zeal and drive with her experience and concepts of theory. In all, the faculty had the ability to become the mirror of each one of the participants.

– Participants of Asian Paints, Ankleshwar

Opinion from NGOs / Social Workers


Very competent and graceful in conducting a long & serious workshop in many ways. Very patient and I am sure practices most of what she talks about in the workshop.

– Niraj JoshiManager (Research & Monitoring), AKRSP(I)


Sheeba is an excellent personality. Her ability in all three languages was wonderful (English, Hindi, Gujarati). She is a very good trainer. Her ability to convince people is marvelous.

- Jija Thomas PA (Admn & Finance) AKRSP(I), Ahmedabad


Sheeba Nair is a very enterprising co-ordinator. She has very good command over all three languages which helps in effective communication. She is very clear in her expression, she has good knowledge on the subject. She encourages each and every participants for their feedback and helps them understanding and clearing their points like a good teacher does. She has good oratory skills and can easily draw attention of the participants with her friendly nature.

– Sindhu Santosh, LIFE, Rajkot


High ability to explain things to simpler and understandable level. Very good presentation. Sheeba has the commendable capacity to make all sessions very alive by interacting with all the participants together. Very good language and high ability to explain things to simpler and understandable level. She deserves very good appreciation.

– C. G. Koshy, Manager (P&A) AKRSP(I), Ahmedabad


I have never seen such trainers, specially 'Trainers of Personal Development' with such fundamentals, concepts and logic. The effect of trainer is very good on me. I will never forget the sessions taken on 2nd day and my feeling on that day.

- Sheikh Moharram, (PA [WRD]), AKRSP (I)

Opinion from Overseas


Perfect Knowledge.. Soft spoken with command.. Good Leader.., Friendly.. Easy going,  Wide Vision with Helping, Sharing.

– Kanak Patel, Alfa Scientific Medical Inc., LA.


She is very, very SMART, very good knowledge, very specific and clear about what she is trying to speak and very good speaker.. Very good to have in Company.

– Bharat Bhagat, Director, Precision Plastics Printing Co., LA


Sheeba Nair’s method of talking & explaining is very easy for people to understand. And people hear it & try to implement in their lives.

– Pravin Patel, Owner, MLA Chino Hills, LA


She is a person who opened my eye in way of thinking. I learn from her to think positive. She gave ideas that how to look at people and appreciate them, convince them, how to work out with kids, family and community. She is a real GURU…

– Radha Patel, LA


She also had lots of examples and experience which helped me relate to and understand better about the workshop.. Thank You..

– Smita Ramani, LA.


She has a wonderful smile and a command over the language which always and easily conveys the point & idea across to all. I would like for Oasis to see that she create some more “SHEEBA” so that her legacy continues and thousands of more people get benefited.

– Bharat Shah, Owner, Video Master, CA.


Sheebaben is the person whom I would recommend to everyone to listen and to attend her workshop. What a personality!

– Prakash Bhagat, GM, Precision Plastics Printing Co., CA.


An ocean of knowledge. Loving and could treat each of us with equal attention.

– Jyotsna, Norwalk, CA.

Opinion from Government Organisations


She has left a deep impression on our mind. The way she delivers the contents along with examples is simply magnificent. 

– Manish Rathod [Asst. Executive] NDDB, Anand


I will remember her smiling face forever. Her lively personality will inspire to be lively in life. Her continuously speaking eyes will encourage forever. 

– Raksha A. Patel Professor, Asst. Librarian, Gujarat Vidhyapith

Opinion from Participants of Partnership Projects


From Sheebaben I have learnt many things like building & developing relationship with people, intimacy, respect for others.

– Vishal Kansara K. Girdharlal, Surat


Sheebaben is very much experienced and thoughtful person. She has taught us by giving example of her own experience and struggles, therefore we could understand it better. Its rare to have such a knowledgeable person at such young age.

– Jagdish Patel Shairu Gems, Surat


She is amiable, peaceful person, giving hidden out suggestion, having excellent skill of analysis & try to catch root of problem. 

– Virendra Zope, Sahajanand Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat


She has an attraction as Magnet attracts iron. She teaches so nicely that we think it is as if our own experience. Her teachings will last till death. 

– Tulsibhai Raval, Shairu Gems, Surat


She has become my ideal. 

– Shilpa Sanchala, Ankit Gems, Surat


She is very cheerful, understanding, charming person. Always cool temperament, very good at conducting workshop. Good orator

- Umesh Pujari Sahajanand Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

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