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Opinion from Corporate Houses


The workshop helped me to understand myself, set goals for my life in a conscious and scientific way and helped me to view the world in a positive way. The world now seems to be very beautiful.

– Jayanta Sarkar NDDB, AE (MD), Kanpur


First program of its kind, which teaches true human values of life & brings out inner self of each person.

– Manish Dave Sr. Manager (QA & QC), JMC Projects (I) Ltd., Ahmedabad


I really liked the concept of emotional bank account (EBC), I know that these points were already there inside me but I am not able to convey this to others on time by some reasons. This workshop has encouraged me to keep such themes and implement in practical which will definitely help me in my daily life. By doing this I am sure that the other person will understand me more and I hope that I will get the result.

– Rajan Nair, Branch Manager, JBS Group of Companies, Ahmedabad


Spread like wild-fire - Yes, this needs to reach to as many people. Thanks a tonne for the wonderful experience.

– Pearl Tiwari, Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd., Mumbai


It inspired me to contribute for the society.

- Hemant Bahura, L&T, Surat.


This workshop was very fine. The presentation of Ms. Nair, was so powerful, the talk was directly entering in heart and mind. In professional life, I think lot of changes will come in my life. The field, I was lacking, I got the point to improve further. It will change my personal life, my interpersonal relationship with my son and wife. 

– Pradeep Kumar Dalela, Chief General Manager, Nakoda Textile Industries Ltd.


This workshop was a wonderful learning opportunity. I had never thought about many questions in life which I came to know here and also what will be the answer. Experience of this workshop is really what matters in life and now the perception of life will change from today onwards after this workshop. 

– S.K.Roy, Catering Executive, L& T Ltd.


Opinion from Professionals


...I have had never known myself so well before attending this seminar.

– Meera Mehta, V.P. Rotary Club; Rajkot.


It will help me become a complete person, personally and professionally, emotionally and spiritually. It will help in improving relationships with my near and dear ones. It will improve level of self-esteem in myself. I will be able to fulfill my vision, my dream of establishing a healthy business empire. I will be more focused to my goals which will help our people and nation. Also, I will be able to give something back to the society, nation, which has given me a lot.

– Sameer Allawadi, Partner, Utkarsh Natural Organics & Biotech


This process of assessing individual's inner self is really wonderful. This workshop really resembles OASIS. May be only a balanced mirror can give us right reflection of ourselves. During this workshop we got an opportunity to see ourselves closely. This workshop was undoubtedly beneficial. This workshop will be helpful in cultivating good values and achieving goals in professional life.

- Chandrakant Parmar, Director - Vibhro Peck(I) Pvt. Ltd.


૨૨ વર્ષના સફળ, સરળ, સુંદર કહી શકાય તેમજ માની શકાય એવા લગ્નજીવનમાં પણ સાચા લગ્નની આધ્યાત્મિક સમજનો કેટલો અભાવ હતો એ સમજાયું. માની લીધેલાં સત્યોની સામે સાચા સત્યો અંતરમાંથી બહાર આવ્યાં ત્યારે હચમચી ગયો. આ ધરતીકંપે સહજીવનને એક નવી ઊંચાઈએ મૂકવા માટે સમજ અને આવશ્યક બળ પૂરા પાડ્યાં. પથદર્શક બનવા માટે અંતરથી આભાર.

- યોગેશ પટેલ (માલિક , શમા એન્ટરપ્રાઇઝ , સુરત)


The whole process of identifying the prime fears of our own & our spouse’s and how they lie at the root of many of the core dynamics was eye-opening. It felt like a full-sized mirror was placed in front of us & it reflected our state of being. The process of healing these prime fears of our partner was a life-changing & life-saving aspect of the workshop.

~ Mihir Kaji (Proprietor, Alpha Investment, Surat)


This session, focusing on the subject of marriage, did very difficult job of changing the deep rooted paradigms about marriage. The process was wonderfully sequenced, ruthlessly planned & smartly conspired to firstly land a hard punch on the face about all the useless beliefs about marriage & then did a magical healing of the wound by forcing the antenna in the right direction which would enable a very rich relationship with my wife.

~ Snehal Shah (Chief Architect, Essteam, Surat)


નાજુક પરિસ્થિતિમાં કેવી રીતે મનોબળ ટકાવી રાખવું એ શીખવા મળ્યું. લગ્નસંબંધની ખરેખર સાચી સમજ ખૂબ જ ઊંડાણપૂર્વક સમજવાની અને એને જીવનમાં ઉતારવાની જે કળા છે એ ફક્ત અને ફક્ત અહીંથી જ શીખવા મળે છે, એમ મને સમજાયું. લગ્ન એ બીજા માટે સાથે રહેવું કે સમાજને બતાવવું એ બાબત નથી પણ લગ્ન એકબીજાની શક્તિને ખીલવવા માટે છે એવી દૃષ્ટિ મળી એ ખૂબ જ ગમ્યું.

~ કીર્તિ ધુમ (સુરત)


આ કાર્યશાળાની સૌથી સુંદર બાબત એ થઈ કે પતિ અને પત્ની વચ્ચેના વૈમનસ્ય માટે જવાબદાર બાળપણના દુ:ખદ અનુભવો જે માનસપટ પર અંકિત થઈ ગયા છે તેને કઈ રીતે શોધી કાઢીને શાંતિ સ્થાપવી તે માટેની step by step પદ્ધતિ તમે બતાવી અને માર્ગદર્શન આપ્યું. એ મારા જીવનનું એક અમૂલ્ય ‘નજરાણું’ બની રહેશે.

~ પિયુષ ભટ્ટ (નાટ્ય લેખક અને ડાયરેક્ટર , ભટ્ટ એકેડેમી , નવસારી)


Marriage session of L3 Love Series was amazing experience. It helped me to identify my innermost & deep fears which I always had but could never have the courage to accept. I have figured out the real problem & also the areas where I have to extend myself as a life partner in order to make our marriage a beautiful journey.

~ Swapnali Dabke (Finance Planner, Vadodara)


આ વર્કશોપમાં ઘણું બધું શીખી ગયા, પણ મારા મનને સ્પર્શી ગયું હોય તે એ છે કે ‘મારી જિંદગી મારી જવાબદારી છે’. આજે એવું લાગે છે કે હું જ્યાં અટવાઈ ગઈ હતી, ત્યાંથી બહાર નીકળી શકીશ. સંબંધમાં મારા જે મનાંકન બની ગયાં હતાં તેને તોડી શકી છું.

શીબાબેન, તમે મારી જિંદગી વધારે સુંદર બનાવી, જે મારા બાળકો માટે બહુ જ કામમાં આવશે. તમને thanks કહેવા કરતાં હું કહીશ કે બધાને તમારા જેવા ગુરુ મળે.

~ કેયુરી નાયર (વડોદરા)


It was such a wonderful experience again attending the second workshop. Sheebaben was so involved, energetic and keen to understand each and every participant. Wonderful subjects revealed to us in last 3 days. Those are my favorite and all of them are important as well. They will help me a lot to change me. Though it will take time, I promise to try to implement all the principles as much as possible. Thanks a lot Sheebaben, for being such a wonderful human-being.

~ Nilesh Vankawala (Dept. Head, Shairu Gems, Surat)


I loved the way workshop was conducted. I liked all the concepts that are being discussed and I agree that they all carry scientific bases for when and why they happen. I will again go through all subjects and tools learnt in the workshop at home as they need considerable amount of self-work, which I feel involves introspection to be done, so that clarity is brought over.

I feel great joining this workshop series.

~ Amit Kansara (Mgr. Sales & Mktg, Naran Lala P. Ltd., Navsari)


આ ત્રણ દિવસમાંની સૌથી મોટી અને સૌથી વધારે અગત્યની બાબત મારા માટે એ જ છે કે કાર્યશાળાએ મને - ‘હું કેવો છું’ - એનો અહેસાસ કરાવ્યો. ત્રણ દિવસમાં થયેલી અલગ અલગ પ્રવૃત્તિઓ દ્વારા મને ખબર પડી છે કે ‘હું ક્યાં છું’ અને મારે એક વ્યક્તિ તરીકે ક્યાં પહોંચવાનું છે.

બેઠો’તો મઝધારે હોડીને લઈને,

સાગરના પ્રવાહને શરણે હું થઈને,

આંખોમાં આશાનો આસ્વાદ લઈને,

હવે, ઊભો હું હાથોમાં સાહસ લઈને.

~ દીપન ભટ્ટ (આસી. ડાયરેક્ટર , ભટ્ટ એકેડેમી , નવસારી)


જ્યારે પહેલી વર્કશોપમાં આવ્યો ત્યારે હું એવું જ માનતો કે I am so perfect, હું ખૂબ જ સારો માણસ છું. પરંતુ વર્કશોપમાં આવ્યા બાદ મને એવું લાગે છે કે હજી મારે ઘણું બધું શીખવાનું બાકી છે. મને એવું લાગે છે અને હું એવું માનું છું કે આ શીખ્યા બાદ મારા પરિવારમાં, બિઝનેસમાં અને સમાજમાં હું કોઈ ને કોઈ વ્યક્તિને સમજતો રહીશ અને કાયમ મારાથી બનતી મદદ કરતો રહીશ.

I am sure you will be so proud of me one day.

~ Jenil Shah (Proprietor, Natures Power & Bijal Medical & Provision Store, Bilimora)


Opinion from NGOs / Social Workers


This workshop is very useful for personal development and building relationship with each other. I never thought that the workshop on 'Relation-Building' can be organized or given in such a wonderful and effective manner. The topics are very necessary for success in any field in our life.

– Sheikh Moharram (PA [WRD]), AKRSP(I)


Creates a good environment among the peers, has helped to understand the other person’s perspective and why does the person feel that way, which reduces the anger and irritation to a great extent. Has helped me to give a chance to talk to myself and introspect.

– Tarun V. Mapara, PS (R&M), AKRSP(I)


The workshop has helped me cement a mission for making my life a purposeful one worth living.

– Roshan, Area Co-ordinator, Saath, Ahmedabad


This will help to be more effective, more proactive and enjoy my life better. It taught me about self management - competence + character. This would not only help me in my professional life but also in personal life. I can now make relationships more beautiful & strong.

- Leela Nair, PA to CEO, AKRSP(I)


Workshop gave quite practical ideas. There is ample scope of implementation of the discussed ideologies in present life. The workshop is very important for individuals who are working and passing a hard time balancing social life with professional life.

– Atana Ranjan Gupta, LIFE, Rajkot


Opinion from Government Organisations


Every citizen of our country should be given opportunity of this training. This training truly transforms a person to do the positive activities in a life.

– T. V. Subbarao, Asst. Director of Horticulture, Govt. of A. P.


Unlike other courses on ‘Self”, which generally deal about employee-boss-subordinate relationships, this course goes beyond into official, personal and professional aspects of one’s self - a truly holistic approach - which will really help in shaping ones’ personality at least by leaps.

– Cheedi Ravivarma, Addl. D. C. P., Traffic, Govt. of A. P.


Have got new direction for life building and inspiration for character development

– P.C.Talati, Gujarat Electricity Board, Vadodara


Such workshop is valuable to enrich my life. A special thing which I learnt is ‘Learning is a continuous process and you can learn only, not teach.’ Such workshop shall be organized for all employees, it can also be effective to create corruption free world. 

- Birendra K R, GMDC


It is tremendous experience to be part of this workshop. Sharing best moment was a great thing to bring participants closer irrespective of their rank, position and age. Definitely after workshop’s first day I viewed my wife and son with a different perspective. Way of teaching will really be remembered for years.

- Rajat Das, GMDC


Opinion from Industries


I feel quite excited after attending this workshop. It was really, really a fantastic/wonderful experience of my life. Use of Language & its effect on paradigm, Root Cause Analysis, "Nobody can hurt me without my permission"- all the points were quite useful in our life.

– Vajubhai Vaghani, Sahajanand Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Surat


After attending the workshop I have found the direction of life, I have found Map of my life. I have found the mirror of my speech, behaviour, nature, habits. I found the importance of Responsibility and Freedom.

– Chitrang Rana, K. Girdharlal Diamond Ltd., Surat


We all colleagues have come to know deeply each other. I have found myself and come to know where I am lacking in relationships. I will become more regular and accurate in professional life. I will work in line with my priorities. 

– Vedant Shelat, Ankit Gems, Surat


Excellent. I learnt something new and very much useful in my life...It was very much convincing... I have gained great knowledge as Sheebaben and Mayaben were very supportive and with Great Spirit...It is beneficial for future ahead...

– Employees of Surya Enterprise and Eva Exports, Mumbai.


Opinion from USA


Understand life mission with our daily work, to make money is my only success in the life. Now, balance life with Business/Family/Children/ Society.

– Chatur Patel, Director, Alfa Scientific Medical Inc., LA.


Really, this workshop has brought a change a in my Life. I thought of how can I make my Life more Successful.

– Pravin Patel, Owner, MLA Chino Hills, LA


This workshop helped in improving our thought. It gave the encouragement to do something for others and community. If you have something extraordinary with you please participate with others.

– Radha Patel, LA


Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!!! Definitely this is the workshop that I would prefer everybody should go through once in their lifetime. Right from Top Management to the Labour class, It’s the best encouragement and mind opener workshop.

– Prakash Bhagat, GM, Precision Plastics Printing Co., CA.


Has added a lot knowledge in my life and has changed me a lot

– Kantilal Pranav, Director, HMPS, CEO, Highglow Jewellers, Artesia, CA


Has changed my style of thinking and has opened me. So I find it very useful in anybody’s life

– Meena Shah, CA


It’s the most useful in all lives that it should be available to lot many people.

– Bharat Shah, Owner, Video Master, CA.


I am going to use this workshop very seriously in my life to enable me change it towards a positive direction

– Nalini U. Solanki, CA.


Not until now, have I realized what a potential power resides in oneself. The qualities within you are so powerful that they can awaken one from inside.

– Prakash Bhagat, GM, Precision Plastics Printing Co., CA.


Helped me about the language as a parent, and understanding perspectives of different people. Also it helped me to handle my feelings.

– Meena Shah, CA


Parenting subject helped me most to know how to do it better. And how to deal with good and bad situations arising in life.

– Kamlaben, Norwalk, CA.


we learnt a lot about ourselves and others that is beneficial for both – Work and Life......The workshop helped us to bring back life into an organization....It was very enlightening, focusing on growth and inter – intra personal development. 

- Participants from Vesta Inc., USA


Looking more intensely at my life and where I want to go and be remembered.

- Angelia Chiqpelli Vesta Inc., USA


What a wonderful journey this has been! I am so grateful for having the opportunity to work on my own development as well as the development of those around me. You have given and shared so many gifts that will forever be a part of me and who I am. I have been so inspired by your many teachings. Learning is the life long process and each day of my existence I promise myself to learn, and teach and continue to give in my personal and professional life.

- Ruth Green - COO

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