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Doubts about menstruation cycle are cleared. Teacher explained all the points very clearly, easily understandable and they explained without any shyness. Like teachers I will also tell others about this without any shyness. They told how girls are treated badly and problems can be solved by us. My goal/aims is to become I A S and after finishing I will fight against girls problems, liquor problem and others. I am taking this as  my pledge women’s can achieve anything.

- Sangeetha, Madurai


“Aunty explains the topic very well.  I have stopped eating roadside food after her explanation about the diseases spread by eating such food.  I wish she comes to school every day so that I can learn more about health and hygiene.”

– Kumar R. , VII Std., P.V.P. School, Basaveshwaranagar


Larger level impact of ASHA in one of the Govt. school( Ahmedabad)- Principal send notice to all the parents to give roti,sabji and not junk food. Children and teachers  liked the session on healthy diet, they talked to principal & principal send notice to  all the parents that don’t give them any snacks in their lunch but give subji

Roti & strictly told them to avoid giving things which is raped in plastic bags. And now a big change has happened in the school, all children bring subji & roti in their lunch box & they have permitted children to bring the food what they want only on Saturday. The principal & teachers are so much happy that principal told me to come 2-3 days in a week, because children were really enjoying & learning good things.

- Reported by Pooja Davra, ASHA volunteer


Feeback from volunteers:


“The session was very interesting and we got a very good understanding of what OASIS aims to achieve through its endeavors – a noble cause indeed. The 3 sessions were informative, to the point and we have a good idea of what to do and how, when we really go to the classrooms. It is not easy for the presenters to behave with us as if they are in the real classroom; however they did a great job and we were really able to understand how to put the method into practice. I believe that the methodology is practical and can be easily adopted by us when we go to the schools; the sheet provided along with the modules help keep things organized and can serve as a reminder on the flow of topic in the class. I can visualize myself going the class and taking modules as we were trained. The only thing that is stopping us is the language barrier." 

- Mr. Srinivas, Rambus Chip India Pvt. Ltd.


“My experience as a Health Teacher: It was a golden day of my life (2nd Feb 2009) when I joined ASHA.I n the beginning I worked as Health class teacher. We had selected 7 villages around 20 kms from Coimbatore, covered 1000 students of class 7, 8,9,10 under ASHA. Most of them were in dire need of Health and Hygiene habit education and guidance to deal with grave problem like malnutrition. All children promised us that they will take this message to their parents, friends and other children.”

- By C. Rajeshwari, Trainer ASHA-Coimbatore


I am a house wife. I have done BA with psychology. I wanted to do something in life, I wasn’t satisfied with the routine house hold work that I was doing. I always felt that something is missing….But ever since I have started working with OASIS my life has changed completely. That was a turning point. It opened so many new avenues. My confidence has increased a lot. At home, my children have started looking at me as a teacher. They respect me even more. I took them once or twice to the government school during my lectures. They saw this kind of poor schools for the first time in their life. They realized how fortunate they are…going to the schools which have so many good facilities… I try to put everything that I teach at schools in my life and in my children’s life. I am able to solve their problems much easily than before because of the health training that I underwent at OASIS. 

~ Manisha Mehta, Volunteer-Teacher,

Adolescent Health Education Program, Bangalore



Now I have the confidence of saying what is right in front of 100s. ASHA – Just as the name suggests ‘ASHA’, IT BROUGHT NEW HOPE IN MY LIFE. After joining ASHA, I got immense courage and confidence. One year back, I was a lady who could not speak her thoughts in front of even 2 strangers. But, ASHA changed this lady overnight. Now I have the confidence of saying what is right in front of 100s. It brought out the love that I have for children and joy I get in communicating with them. It gave me the opportunity to see what was hidden deep inside me. It taught me how to manage my time fruitfully. With ASHA I made new friends who had lots to share and teach me. Everyday there was so much to learn. I learnt the real joy of giving, because I don’t know how much the children gained from this one year of training but for me the pleasure was immense. There were many things that we do in our everyday life but ASHA taught us the right way of living a healthy life. The positive attitude that we get there is a healing balm for all our pains. I have once again started enjoying life. Tiny details and daily core that we learned about our eyes, teeth, ears..., Yoga, bathing, skin care... is helping us to take care of ourselves and our children also. Hoping to be part of this forever..

-Anuradha Mehta

Volunteer, ASHA Project, Surat


My hesitation disappeared, right in the first classWhen I started before one year.. I had so much of apprehension. I was hesitant that teenage children would not be much interested in Health Education. This hesitation disappeared, right in the first class. I am happy to say that children proved us wrong. Their inquisitiveness, their awareness about health and their eagerness to learn new things, their enthusiasm which is reflected in the kind of questions they asked... during quiz sessions, their eagerness to answer was eye catching. Probably, they felt that these teachers come to teach us something different (not the routine studies.). They were extremely eager to implement what they learnt in class.

- Sneha Malkaan

Volunteer, ASHA Project, Surat


Earlier I used to feel that I can take care only of my husband, my kids and my family. Now I am confident… I would first like to introduce myself. I am Purna. I have two children and a home full of Love. Earlier I used to feel that I can take care only of my husband, my kids and my family. I can not do anything more by going out of home. I did not have confidence in myself that I can do anything more. After one year of being ASHA teacher, this Purna is completely changed. I am confident that I can do all these things. It is such a pleasure to know that every week children of the schools are waiting eagerly for me. I feel so good to see that children are eager to know about Health and implement it. I can see Love for me in eyes of 60 children and that makes me feel confident. 

- Purna Shah

Volunteer, ASHA Project, Surat


Beneficiaries of Health Centre, Bangalore:


I am also working with FEDINA, another NGO. They are also doing very good work like self help groups, senior groups, sanitation program, etc. So working with OASIS and FEDINA has changed my life completely. I have realized that we have to make people independent. Giving them free help do not bring change in their lives. They don’t realize that ultimately they have to take care of their lives; they kind of become dependent on this kind of help. Some people take benefit of free help even though they are in a position to take care of their needs by themselves.

~ Radha N., 25, Employee at Ambedkarnagar Clinic

since Sept.’02, resident of the same slum.



I am coming to the clinic since last 3 years for my asthma. I am feeling much better than before. Dr. Neha gives very good treatment. It is due to her treatment that I am surviving today. God bless her!

~ Narayan Swami, Patient,

Beneficiary of the Slum Health Center.



I am suffering from severe arthritis since many years. I am taking Dr. Neha’s treatment for last two years. I am feeling much better than before.

~ Shenaz, Patient, Beneficiary of the Slum Health Center.



I am a painter, I met with an accident and my great toe is severely damaged. I went to 2-3 doctors, good government hospital nearby. But ultimately I am finding some relief with Dr. Neha’s treatment.

~ Mohammed Yusuf, Patient ,

Beneficiary of the Slum Health Center.

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