Hu Chhu Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan

Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan:
Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan:


It is an Innovative Training Experiment to make 10000 teachers of Gujarat, Aware & Active- "Let us be Torch-bearers, A Campaign for Awareness & Fulfillment of Teacher's Self-duty", is a joint project undertaken by Shree Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library (Navsari) & OASIS Trust. 


The main objectives of the campaign are -

  1. Character Building & professinal preparedness of 10000 teachers of Gujarat. 

  2. To prepare these teachers to bring sweeping revolutionary changes in Gujarat & India by being part of the education system. 

  3. To generate such dedicated teachers who can contribute their efforts to the service of our motherland India and offer great personalities to the world. 

  4. To contribute to the character building of the students, citizens and consequently provide a new direction to the social development & nation building process through the collective efforts of these teachers. 

  5. To prepare teacher who can be torch-bearers & who can continue this campaign. 


The Program- 

Working on Self-development & Character Building Education with hundreds of professionals, youths & children for last 23 years, Oasis has developed a revolutionary course for Self-transformation. This course, named as 'The Philosophy, Art & Science of Living, Loving & Learning', is a series of workshops for total 40 days spread over 4-5 years. Rated by participants - from accross the country and abroad - as one of the best course on Self-development; it has been taken as basis for Social Change & Nation Building through radical changes in our education system. 

Based on this unique course, a special course of 40 days, spread over 4 years (i.e. 10 days/year) has been 

designed for the campaign. Workshops of 3 days will be organized every 3/4 months. Participants will go through the series in batches of 20-25 each

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