Subjects Covered

Subjects and Themes


Various Subjects & Themes for Life Camps:

  1. Dreams & Goals 

  2. Self-confidence

  3. My Life is my choice

  4. Responsibility

  5. Who Am I?

  6. Success

  7. See positive in others

  8. Power of Imagination

  9. Commitment & Courage

  10. Value based Life



Life Camps

What was achieved in 3 days of Oasis Life Camp? 


  • Learnt to look at themselves and their dreams in a fresh and encouraging way

  • Were affirmed for their positive qualities and talents through love and respect

  • Got a big boost in their self-confidence through various positive reflections

  • Understood that their life and goals are their own responsibility and choice

  • Learnt to see one’s uniqueness and appreciate others for their uniqueness and talents.

 In nutshell, through design of systematic sessions, students went through an amazing series of sessions containing lot of activities that stimulated and affirmed them. They got an idea about how Oasis Life Camps are life-oriented and how they make them feel better about themselves. There is also a relationship of mutual trust, admiration and respect between Oasis facilitator and students, essential and conducive for students to learn and grow.

After Life Camp, students are taken to next level, i.e. Love Camp


Love Camps 


Subject covered in Love Camps:

  1. What is the real meaning of Love?

  2. What is Love & What is Not Love

  3. Love for Self

  4. Love & Gratitude

  5. Listening – an act of Love

  6. Love is giving – to society, to our country

  7. Love is forgiveness

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