Self-development Workshops

Oasis Workshops are workshops in truest sense. The environment at workshop facilitates Introspection & brings out the deeper values of the better self within. The high level of participant-satisfaction achieved during this course can be attributed to the fact that this

is a highly participative programme interspersed with experimental learning. The deeper concepts of psycho-spirituality are taught through scientific processes.

Highlights of Oasis Workshops

  • It is an educational process. It is a process to bring out the inherent potential of a person that is lying within him/ her-deep rooted values and principles of life. 

  • No lecture delivery, ‘workshop’ in true sense. As in workshop the ‘raw material’ metamorphoses into a different and ‘finished shape’ after the process[es], similarly, in Oasis workshop people are transformed for better through experiential learning, practices, sharing.

  • Oasis believes in integrity. So, only those things are taught by Oasis, which are practiced by it. 

  • It is always a mutual learning process for the facilitator[s] of the workshop and the learners. Life is very vast and everybody have some unique and positive things to share with others. 

  • Oasis believes in- “Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can be and should be and he will become as he can and should be.”

  • All the participants of the workshop are educated to educate others. Participants of Oasis workshops always attend it in the capacity of Teachers/Leaders. The concepts they learn in the workshop must be shared by them with other people in a defined, short span of time. Every individual would love to teach what [s]he has learnt and benefited from. They are affirmed when they do so.

  • All the participants are empowered to teach others. Participants will feel worthy when they contribute in the growth of other human beings. This way the concepts also can be spread to many people. 





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