Rural Development

Our Working Philosophy

Regeneration of Mother India is our dream and Goal.


Almost 70% of Indian Population lives in villages. Today India is an independent country, but its real independence would be achieved only if we attain “Gram Swaraj” i.e. Rural Independence through Local Governance, Self Reliance and Prosperity for Sustainable Development. To attain this we act as a catalyst and facilitator to motivate and empower village people, so that they lead and own-up the work for the betterment of their own village(s), understand and optimize the use of locally available natural resources for the prosperity of their own village(s) And thus create a Model for Sustainable Living.




To focus on training, empowering and motivating elected people, - people who are chosen through a unique process of election by villagers- to work for the betterment of the village in participation with the village people.

  • To help understand different aspects of the village such as village history, pattern of change, business of people, per capita income and expense, available natural resources, basic facilities etc., analyze them and derive conclusions to create and implement the vision for the development of the village.

  • To recognize people having leadership qualities and motivate them to take part in elections.


Our Vision for Rural Development


Oasis has a dream of creating a model for building the nation right from its inception. The question was the importance and role of rural India in this model. Urbanization has its own problems and the heart of India undoubtedly still resides in Villages, in spite of enormous technological growth having taken place.  The vision of any nation has to give rural people due attention. For India, the important aspects we always remember are,

  • The vast population as an asset, to be educated and employed

  • Use of technology with wisdom and in a sustainable way

  • Respecting the essential areas like farming, home industry, infrastructure, health and education.

  • The importance of sense of responsibility of citizens towards nation, the concept of real independence, inculcation of values and spirit of excellence, building communities for this purpose, etc


Thus development of rural India was an important aspect of nation-building in the vision of Oasis. As the founders of Oasis were all urban-educated youths, Oasis got involved in rural development very slowly. In the initial years, while trying to work for the betterment of rural communities, Oasis came across lot of such attempts by other individuals and organizations. The crux of what Oasis observed and learnt is as follows-

  • No purpose is served in pumping resources to a village without focusing on individuals’ and community development.

  • The real challenge is educating people for their independence- i.e. their commitment for their own lives and village, changing their mindsets and facilitating the village into a learning community.

  • Using technological advancements for development of infrastructure and appropriate technologies for the benefit of rural communities.

  • And most importantly, facilitate the young generation to be social welfare entrepreneurs motivated to work for this neglected area.

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