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In line with the central philosophy of Oasis Movement, Oasis Publications are powerful mediums that propagate the objectives of Human and Community Development. Oasis publications primarily focus on the subjects related to Character Education for a new world order. The wide range of topics includes vital areas like Love, Parenting, Marriage, Success, Career, Relationships, Personal Change, Health, Leadership and Management etc. Thereby these books cater to the basic issues and concerns of every individual across the globe; be it a parent, a couple, a businessman, a professional, a child or anyone and are a must-read for all those who dream of sculpting tallest of character values in their being. Available in paperback editions in Gujarati and English languages, you will find a variety of choices to pick up for yourself or gift someone you love!!!


Oasis Publications are available in three languages, Gujarati, English and Hindi. However, most of the publications are available in Gujarati Language (Regional Language of Gujarat State, India).


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