Principles we follow

Some Important Principles being practiced at all Oasis Camps:
  • Every child is good without exception.

  • The School & Teacher/Facilitator is for child; the child is not for the teacher or school. (It is failure of school if a child doesn't want to go to school or attend classes.)

  • The Goal of Life and so Education is to work happily and find joy.

  • Learning is always a voluntary choice; one can not force children to learn in a creative way.

  • Education should be not just development of intellect, but development of emotional intelligence too. Also, Education is to bring out whatever is already hidden within children, and not to stuff or cram things.

  • Children thrive and grow the most in the environment of complete freedom. Imposed discipline and guilt makes children fearful and dishonest about their feelings.

  • The role of Teacher/Facilitator is to enjoy and affirm children, to create an environment of freedom and to support and fulfill children's requirements for growth.

  • Given freedom & opportunity, children are capable to sort out their problems on their own and that too, creatively.

  • A Very vital responsibility of parents is to nurture independence of a child and actually believe that child is capable of doing his/her own things.


Accordingly, some Dos and Don'ts for Teacher-Facilitator, as examples, are as follows:


  • Respect children as Individuals

  • Make children feel okay to attend or not attend classes

  • Take Responsibility for creating environment of freedom and love

  • Embrace the children with smile all the time

  • Search for the good in children and reflect them incessantly

  • Use questioning to stimulate inquiry and thinking in children

  • Make learning fun

  • Decide everything with consensus of children

  • Don't punish or raise voice with children

  • Don't try to discipline them

  • Don't compare or label children

  • Don't preach or advise the children unasked

  • Don't teach religions; just focus on humanity

  • Don’t ever lie to them


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