Past Campaigns

Following are the Campaigns done by Oasis in the past:
  • Oasis created a community of more than 50 trustees between years 1993 to 1997, which included graduates from different disciplines:

In its legal constitution Oasis has provision to keep 50 Trustees on its board, quintessentially which encourages establishing harmony and unity among 50 odd intellectuals to work together selflessly and unitedly inspite of all their differences. As we take all decisions unanimously and not by majority, it was indeed commendable! We took up that challenge and successfully faced the real test of leadership and set a bold example.

  • Multi sector contribution:

We are working in diverse fields which are Self Development, Community Development, Organic Farming, Rural Development, Publishing books on Character Building, Youth Development Programs, Health Education, Providing Medical Relief, Environment Conservation, Women Empowerment, etc.

  • Successful social welfare endeavour through youth volunteerism and commitment.

  • Change Education Movement and Experiments:

A Bid to bring back the glory of M.S. University, Vadodara On 25th December, 1993, in the evening of Christmas Day, OASIS organized a Unity Parade or Light March in the city of Vadodara. M.S. University authorities, teachers, parents and other leading citizens accompanied the youths of OASIS with torches and candles in their hands. This was to launch the CHANGE EDUCATION MOVEMENT undertaken and coordinated by Oasis.

  • Vadodara Lok Chetana Andolan:

Lok Chetana Jagruti Andolan was inaugurated on 10th July, 1994 in the presence of Shri G.R. Khairnar. It was a move coordinated and organized by Oasis to bring awareness during assembly elections in Vadodara. The real impact of all our experiments on the results of election was indeed difficult to predict but Lok Chetana Jagruti Andolan has undoubtedly laid its solid foundations. These grass root level experiences has their lion’s share in shaping and moulding of wider perspective and larger experiments in future for VLCJA and OASIS.

  • Rehabilitation of Riot Affected Children:

OASIS laid the foundation of Rehabilitation Activities in the most severely affected areas in Ahmedabad, Central Gujarat. It focused on making children secure again in their environment and get over the trauma of Riots. Project was successfully concluded in June 2006.


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