Organic Farming

At Oasis Valleys we have created a model of ‘Sustainable Farming’. A piece of ravine, wasteland is converted in Productive, Economical viable Farm by adopting Organic farming. Wholistic approach for Productivity is key feature at our Organic Farm.


We have undertaken Organic Farming Initiative to help our brothers and sisters whose livelihood comes from Agriculture, and who are poor and downtrodden living in Rural India. To help them, first we need to be one of them and create models of Sustainable Agriculture.


We believe that any person on this earth who has a piece of land as less as 2 acres and strong will can and should live a life more prosperous than an engineer in a small town. A life which is full of Joy, Health, Wealth and which is in total tune with Mother Nature. Thus, such life becomes inspiration to many more and they in turn inspire many more.....


We also want to prepare various models of Rural Development based on Agriculture and related industries, a model of Sustainable Growth.

What is Organic Farming?


Organic farming in a crude sense means farming that does not involve usage of chemicals such as chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides. But the real meaning of Organic Farming is Farming done with the help of Organisms, means taking help of all living things on and under the earth, the total eco-system.


Organic Farming means appropriately helping mother earth to grow most delicious fruits, vegetable, grains etc., helping our cattle to live most healthily, helping environment to become more and more health giving, setting the most balanced eco-system. It’s a synergy with the whole life system.


Organic Farming means loving yourself and loving life.


Organic Farming is not new for India. Indian farmers have practiced Organic Farming for centuries before the ‘Green Revolution’, which struck after the Independence. In the name of more Productivity, farmers found a shortcut in using Chemicals. Though initially they seemed to improve production, over a period of time the soil fertility depleted. The ill effect of chemical farming is been realized by many farmers, now. But the new generation of farmers have lost their touch with Organic practices which their fore fathers used to do. So, we fell the need to introduce them once again to Sustainable Farm Practices. Also the revolution in Biotechnology has also changed farming practices. In this new era of Global Competition, Indian Farmers have no choice but to go for a planned, sustainable, integrated agricultural system.

When did Oasis Start Organic Farming?


During our continuous search for better life, we came across a book named “What then must we do?” by very famous Russian Saintly Philosopher, Leo Tolstoy. It is a conscience disturbing book based on concept of Bread Labour.


It moved us deeply and we decided to take on Bread Labour. We took Agriculture as one the basic Bread Labour. So our journey with agriculture began in 1998 at Friendship Land, which was leased by government at village Sherkhi, near Vadodara.


During that period, awareness about benefits of consuming organic food was heating up in Vadodara & across the state of Gujarat by the efforts of organizations like Jatan. We visited the famous farm of Shri Bhaskar Save, who pioneered Organic Farming Movement in Gujarat. We learned our initial lessons from his talks and his farm. We began our agriculture with Organic Farming only. Experimental farming began with in-depth study and various farm visits. We soon realized the poor condition of Indian Peasants. Chemical Farming was destroying small farmers as they were under heavy debt. We heard about farmers committing suicides which disturbed us. So we decided to take propagation of Organic Farming as a part of our mission.


In year 2002 we decided to have our own piece of land. After much search we purchased 9 acres of Ravine land near banks of river Narmada, 60 km from Vadodara city. We called it “Oasis Valleys”.

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