Oasis Valleys - Team

New Team takes over with Renewed Mission

Central Team of Oasis Valleys Phase II Development:

Project Leaders:

Parag Shah, Oasis Valleys Project Vision & Team Leader

(Diamantaire, Surat)

Mind of a genius in Architecture, competent technocrat, a brilliant facilitator of institutions, stupendous all-round contributor at Oasis

Snehal Shah, Oasis Valleys Project Vision & Team Leader and Design Head:

(Chief Architect, Essteam, Surat)

Pursuer of mammoth excellence, project mastermind and a hallmark of a human being

Yogesh Patel, Overall Project Co-ordination & Resource Management:

(Businessman - Transport, Surat)

Dynamic entrepreneur, motivator, enthusiastic leader and a giver par-excellence

Viral Patel, Project Management & Execution:

(Land Developer, Vadodara)

Thorough gentleman, silent determination and a big-hearted contributor

Siddharth Mehta, Resource Generation Team Mentor: 

(Diamantaire, Surat)

An explorer, genuinely passionate about living, loving, learning, sharing and facilitating

Support Team: Resource Generation

Vijay Dalal, Coordinator, USA: 

(Financial Advisor, New Jersey)

Man of vision & mission for social welfare, profound thinker and enthusiastic mentor, huge achiever yet amazingly humble; he cares & shares his life lion heartedly

Mihir Kaji, Coordinator, IT & Corporate Section:

(Finance Advisor & Planner, Surat)

An epitome of nobility, authenticity, sincerity and affectionate giving

Jigar Shah, Coordinator, Surat Team:

(Asso. Director, CA Firm, Surat)

Studious, deeply committed, thoroughly positive and completely reliable

Hiral Patel, Coordinator, Vadodara Team:

(Project Admn. & Camps Facilitation, OASIS)

A brave and sensitive soul, fast track dedication, woman with a golden heart

Dr. Ami Desai, Central Co-ordination:

(Trustee, OASIS, Surat)

Steely determination, inherently calm and simple, fiercely independent

Share and Care Foundation, USA - We thank them for being our resource co-ordinating partner at USA for Oasis Valleys funding program.

Support Team: Execution

Preeti Nair, Legal:

(Managing Trustee, OASIS)

Sensitive & simple-hearted, affectionate and disciplined, Hard core administrator

Dr. Pallavi Raulji, Onsite Management:

(Trustee, OASIS)

Deep conviction & faith in cause, tremendous energy to pursue & accomplish, service is joy for her

Mehul Panchal, Landscape Development:

(Trustee, OASIS)

Brilliant Earth Engineer at Oasis, dreamer, intelligent, deep sensitivity for environment, gentle and with artistic sensitivities

Binit Shah, Accounts & Audit: 

(Chief Accounts Coordinator, OASIS)

Multi-tasking champion of Oasis, hard working, thoughtful, trustworthy, compassionate and highly dedicated

Support Team: Consultants

Hemant Shukla, Chief Structure Designer:

(Technocrat Consultants, Surat)

Profound and sound knowledge, open minded, competent inputs as engineer

Mahadevbhai Desai, Structure Consultant:

(CMD, Sthapati Designers & Consultants, Navsari)

Great visionary & dreamer, exemplary commitment for nation building, unmatched energy to pursue dreams till end; Pioneer of Vanche Gujarat Abhiyaan

Support Team: Coordinators

Alkesh Raval, Phase I construction Coordination & Data:

(IT, DTP & Publication Coordination, OASIS)

All rounder, On-the-job learner & emergency life-line at Oasis- extremely hard working and dedicated team mate

Sheeba Nair, Individual & Team Support, Policy Issues:

(Trustee, OASIS)

Brilliant combination of Intelligence & Innocence, Mesmerising Orator & World-class Facilitator, Ever smiling and out to make world a happy place

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