Oasis Valleys

What is ‘Oasis Valleys’?


‘Oasis Valleys’ is a first of our series of Friendship Land Projects, created at village Mandva, on the banks of river Narmada, near Chandod, dist. Vadodara.


It is our Centre for Self Leadership Education for Community Development. It is a Model Institution, where Ideals for the best of life are practiced. Be it Construction, Utilization of Natural Resources & Energy, Agriculture, Animal Rearing or simply living there.


  • With a view to consolidate our activities, we inaugurated the functional premise of “OASIS Valleys” (Oasis Institute cum Education Complex) near Vadodara in January 2012.

  • In line with the vision of Oasis, it has today become the nerve centre of our projects for propagation of the Character Building movement at state level.

  • It is perhaps Asia’s first Institution of its kind for Character-building and Scientific Human Development Courses.

  • The final phase of construction has recently been initiated in Feb 2014. 



  • To create a unique multi-sector model for a better society through entrepreneurship in social development.

  • To create a live emblem of utilization of natural resources – be it soil, water, sun, wind...and the first and most important amongst all – HUMANS!

  • It aims at creating a place for scientific transformation of people into contributive citizens (who willingly contribute collectively for social / national development)

  • To facilitate the process of Learning and Teaching/Sharing the concepts of Self - Leadership for development of different communities of the society (Urban as well as Rural) at a larger scale.

  • To create a centre for self - rejuvenation (physical as well as psycho-spiritual).

  • To encourage Social Welfare Entrepreneurships and Partnerships for social development.


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