O.A.S.I.S. Trust

O.A.S.I.S., Oasis A Selfless International Society is a Public Charitable Trust which is registered under the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950, on December 2, 1993. Oasis is not merely a formal Trust; rather it’s a lively, dynamic process of character building, having the cause of regeneration of Mother India at its core.


Major Highlights
  • Education at the Core: The objectives of the trust are not just relief works but with” Education” at their centre. They are again, not merely activities oriented but attitudinal training- oriented through virtually all kind of social welfare activities.

  • Complete Dedication to the Objectives: The trustees of our trust are fully devoted to the objectives/goals and mission of this trust. They work round the clock for the attainments of the objectives of Trust by putting in their best.

  • Secularism: The trust promotes Secularism and can undertake any or all activities of service to Humanity at large without distinction of caste, creed, religion, sect or nationality.

  • Unity and Selflessness: As UNITY and SELFLESSNESS are two major philosophical pillars of our trust, all the decisions, are taken unanimously. Thus trustees of our trust strictly follow the educational pillars of the organization. i.e. Love, Life and Friendship and in process learn to be independent human being, yet one in spirit.

  • Spirit of Brotherhood: The trust has provisions to support ANY activity for the well being of the society at large and has the spirit of brotherhood for the like organizations.


About Major Projects of O.A.S.I.S. Trust


  • Oasis Valleys - Centre for Self Leadership Education for Community Development at Chanod near Vadodara, Gujarat. Model Institution, where Ideals for the best of life are practiced

  • Organic Farming - Model of sustainable AgriculturePropagation & Promotion of Natural Farming Methodology at Oasis Valleys

  • Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan - The Campaign for Teachers for Awareness And Fulfillment Of Teacher's Swadharma. A project in partnership with Sayaji Vaibhav Public Library.

  • Community Health DevelopmentAdolescent Students’ Health Alternative (ASHA) at Bangalore & South India as well as Ahmedabad

  • Self-development Workshops - Through Training of Trainers, Organised for a common man who cannot afford Professional Charges

  • Ayurveda Propagation - To guide people to be their own doctors- most trustworthy and most economical- to lead their lives in a very healthy and balanced manner for most of the time in their lives!


Board of Trustees


  • Preeti Nair - Managing Trustee

  • Binit Shah - Trustee Secretary

  • Sheeba Nair - Trustee

  • Dr. Neha Vakharia - Trustee

  • Mehul Panchal - Trustee

  • Dr. Pallavi Raulji - Trustee

  • Dr. Ami Desai - Trustee

  • Chaitali Mehta - Trustee

  • Hiral Patel - Trustee

  • Viral Patel - Trustee

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