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Major Projects on Hand


Unique Institution Creation - Oasis Valleys

‘Oasis Valleys’ is a first of our series of Friendship Land Projects, created at village Mandva, on the banks of river Narmada, near Chandod, dist. Vadodara.

It is our Centre for Self Leadership Education for Community Development. It is a model where Ideals for the best life are practiced. Be it Construction, Utilization of Natural Resources & Energy, Agriculture, Animal Rearing or simply living there.

Oasis Valleys is an experiment of creating a sustainable Model institution for Nation Building. It is a Social Partnership to create better human beings, better organizations, better society, better Nations!


Community Health Development

Adolescent Students’ Health Alternative (ASHA): Under this project, once a week HEALTH CLASS is conducted by Voluntary Health Teachers (the Home Makers or Housewives) in Corporation / Government aided poor schools adopted by OASIS. The aim is to help the adolescents to inculcate certain HEALTH HABITS that facilitate them to adopt a healthy life style right from when they are maturing, preventing many diseases later in life; and to empower adolescents with basic knowledge about BODY and MIND enabling them to handle a wide variety of choices, challenges and stressors so that they can live a healthy, joyful and meaningful life.


Propagation & Promotion of Natural Farming Methodology

At Oasis Valleys we have created a model of ‘Sustainable Farming’. A piece of ravine, wasteland is converted in Productive, Economically viable Farm by adopting Organic Farming. Wholistic approach for Productivity is key feature at our Organic Farm.

Agriculture, Horti-culture, Gaushala, Vermi-compost & Leaf-mould composting, Wheat Grass Project, Nature Conservation, Nursery, etc. are some of the key features of our Model Organic Farm.


Character Education through Publications and Workshops

The crux of Oasis Movement is Social Development through Individual Development. Hence, central theme of our Publications and workshops is Development of Individuals.


  • "'What Then Must We Do' by Leo Tolstoy“This is a very dangerous book, it awaken us….This book is not an easy reading- but enough to keep a cultured man absorbed till the last page." - Kaka Kalelkar

  • 'Sangathan Talim Margdarshika' This is one of the very crucial book on ‘Participatory Rural Appraisal’ and gives step by step guidance for Support /Self Help Groups and also essential glimpse for the process of Rural Development.


Self Leadership Workshops:

The Workshops & other activities are being done on missionary basis by OASIS Trust for the ‘common man’ who can not afford the professional charges. These charitable workshops are conducted in Baroda, Surat, Rajkot and other cities in India.

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