Oasis Misaal Honourship Explorer

Do you believe in your heart that...
        TO BE GREAT.      
            I WANT TO MAKE 
                 INDIA BETTER.
               I CAN. I JUST NEED
                   A CHANCE. 
What is Oasis Misaal Honourship?
  • It is a 2-5 year residential/full time course for students.
  • Program is basically for higher secondary school & under graduate students (graduate students can also apply).
  • Program can be join with or without school/college education.
  • It focuses on overall growth of student to become a positive leader in society in his or her talent area.
  • Post completion, students can purpose any career for the betterment of the Nation or be social welfare entrepreneurs.
What is Honourship?
  • It is like scholarship or fellowship where financial support is extended to all students in addition to education and training in life oriented themes.
  • It includes taking care of lodging,boarding and other expenses.        All other expenses or resources will also be provideed to the needy.  In addition to this, students will get monthly pocket money and honorarium based on the category they belong.
  • However, pocket money will start after 3 months of successfully initiating training and honorarium will be given only at the end of completion of two years of Oasis Misaal Honourship.
  • It may be given to parents in case of minors, or given in their personal account. After two years, Explorers can start getting honorarium on monthly basis.
  • If Explorers' work creates better value than their honorarium, they will be reimbursed the same on monthly basis.
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