Model Organic Farm at Oasis Valleys

Organic Farming Componets at Oasis Valleys


1. Agriculture:

  • Seasonal vegetable and fruits

  • 12-15 selected varieties

2. Horticulture:  Forest & Fruit trees

  • 3600 forest trees including some Medicinal varieties

  • Bamboo, Neem, Teak, Gulmohar, Eucalyptus, Beheda, Harde etc.

  • 1400 Fruit trees

  • Sitafal (Custard Apple), Jamfal (Guava), Amla, Lime, Sweet-lime, Mango, Chikoo (Sapota), Dadam (Pomegranate), Cashew-nut plants, Shetur, Falsa

  • Medicinal & herbal plants like Harde, Beheda, Arduso, Amla, Bijora, etc.

3. Vermi-compost & Bio-compost Units

  • Earthworms (sub-species Eudrilus Eugeniae)

  • Production capacity of 10 ton manure per month.

  • Convert waste biomass of farm into good quality leaf-mould compost.

  • Cow dung and urine as culture to develop micro organisms.

4. Nature Conservation

  • No alteration of contours, Slopes as it is

  • 2 check-dams to prevent the damage from run-away rain water.

  • Local variety of Bamboo to save the soil.

  • Not to disturb the original habitant of the land like wild heir, porcupines, snakes, rats 


The Model Farm:


Our Journey to create a model Organic Farm at Oasis Valleys began with the monsoon of 2003. As we had no money for infrastructure and as we wanted to make this model farm totally commercially viable, we took a loan and began work.

The land was ravine and full of thorny trees. It was a total uphill task for city dwellers like us. But we started our work systematically.

With long term productivity in vision we planted Fruit trees, Useful forest trees and some border trees on our fence. And till the fruit trees grow full and start producing we started growing vegetables. Step wise we cleaned the barren land and started cultivating. As usual, with less practical knowledge of farming, we faced lots of set backs for the first 2 years and learnt from our failures.

During the journey of learning, experimenting and visiting different farms, we came across many organic farmers. We learned a very important lesson during such times that “To be a complete farmer and to create success, one needs to be with the farm continuously.” So in early 2005 we decided & built a residence cum co-ordination centre at Oasis Valleys. 

Farming, then, was taken up in full fledge. To support the initial expenses while Long term trees are growing, we even started to grow value added product like Wheat Grass, which was instant success. We also started rearing Earth Worms on the farm.

To make our model farm complete and independent of external inputs, we needed live stock. In 2006, Gaushala, we lovingly call it Gau-sneh-shala, was created. We started it with 2 GIR cows and their calves. Six months later, after successfully selling cow milk in the near by city, we expanded our cattle stock to 4 more animals, totaling 8. We became independent for our requirement of manure and pest repellent as we used cow urine as very useful pest repellent.

We also created other useful features for a Model farm, like, Nursery project, seeds collection etc. which were value addition on our model farm.

At present the model farm is at even juncture where it produces enough for all running expenses. Profit is about to begin with the bearing of fruits by our fruit trees planted 4 years ago. Still there are ups and downs about various productions, learning seems a life long journey, and it’s true, too. 

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