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Oasis Publications
Book Reviews

Media Reviews published in Divyabhaskar & Phoolchhab dailies about

Oasis Publications 'Jawab Mange Chhe Jindagi'

Article written by Jayant Pithidiya about

Oasis Gift Booklets

Articles written by Shree Bien Kothari in column 'Phir dekho yaaro' in Gujarat Mitra about

Oasis Publications 'Aakhare... Aazad!' & its new concepts on education

Book Review Published in Naya Marg magazine about

Oasis Publication 'Kelavanini Bhet'

Press-note published in Divyabhaskar & Gujarat Samachar dailies about

Book launch of 'Aakhare Aazad!' along with unique dialogue where

Children were speakers & Adults were in audiance





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