Freedom Parenting Workshop

Have you ever wondered that why we need a license to drive a car but not to a raise a child? Why do we upgrade our applications on cell phones and computers but never upgrade our knowledge on parenting? Isn't it an irony to know about the latest windows/ apple app but not to know about the latest theory/ book on parenting? We are members to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more to keep in touch with friends overseas but can we name a single website on parenting to give best environment for our most precious little ones? We subscribe to clubs and resorts memberships but not to books/magazines or blogs for parenting. It is the most important and yet most neglected area of life. No wonder upbringing of children is a major concern for most parents and so it must be for you as well.

If you are grappling with and worried about how to deal with your kids for matters like-

Constant use of phone/mobiles

Making noise 


Addiction to TV or computer games

Bad food habits

Arrogant behavior

Quarrels and Fights






Demanding money and luxuries

Poor academic performance

Attraction to opposite sex

Sexuality related matters

Career choices




Using slang or foul language 
Late night out



Fashion and cloths 



We understand that there are lot of issues children and parent face today, but they don’t find answers or proper guidance to solve these problems or even understand the psychology behind the problems. We feel understanding children and along with that preparing them as responsible individuals is what is missed out today. Lot of issues go unaddressed and unsolved. We strongly believe that through freedom children do become happy & responsible citizens.

In order to facilitate this process for our children along with dealing their problems, Oasis has designed a workshop named "Freedom Parenting Workshop" An initiation of practical psychology in freedom parenting, as a part of Oasis Movement workshops. This workshop is based on the principles of three publications of Oasis (‘સમરહિલ’, ‘સ્વતંત્રતા, નહીં કે સ્વેચ્છાચાર’ અને ‘આખરે આઝાદ!’). This workshop will explore scientific solutions to deal with the above and many other such issues parents come across. It will also help and explore options for many kids related issues, of what a responsible parent can do when kids go wrong. It is based on various principles of parenting which is a part of Oasis L3 Course. The design of the workshop is such that in two days not only parents/teachers try to understand the psychology behind their child’s problem but they also learn to apply freedom principles and philosophy to solve the problem from roots.

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