Love Camps

Like Life Camps, Love Camps are, again, 3 days camps where students are introduced to one of the very important aspect of their life, i.e. Love.


What is in store for them in Love Camp?

 Through Love Camp, students-


  • Will further learn to strengthen their self-esteem through better self-image

  • Will begin to learn about their own unique identity in a powerful way

  • Will learn what is Love and what is not Love- a clarity that even most of adult population do not have- and that loving self is essential before loving others

  • Will learn to see love of parents and teachers in small things done to them, many of them they might be disliking at a particular time i.e. they’ll learn gratitude

  • Will learn that loving a person is understanding him/her from his/her perspective

  • Will also learn to pay attention while listening to other people through many joyful exercises

  • Will learn that love is in giving and what one contributes for the country or society

  • Will also undertake a project to experience what it is to influence others in a positive manner and how we feel love when we do it

  • Will also learn about the most difficult aspect of love e.g. Forgiveness which will become their foundation of growth for their life-time

 In other words, Love Camp will make them connect with themselves, their family/friends in a more positive way. They will understand that real love is which will help them tremendously at their delicate teenage.  The activities and sessions will give them rich experience of enhancement in emotional quotient, so lacking in our educational system leading to failures in relationships.


A teacher affects eternity- he can never say where his influence stops. Only if teachers could be influenced about this sense of responsibility, the future holds a hope for education.

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