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The very purpose of Oasis Life Camps is to facilitate the unveiling of the hidden potentials of human-beings. They incorporate life-oriented subjects. They do not consist of mere lectures or preaching. They enjoy, affirm the youths and provide them excellent environment to share, learn and find out their own selves. They consist of a special curriculum, highly participatory modules and processes which allow the inquiries in life. Principles and values of Life are introduced in a way that can be understood easily. An environment is created where youths can fall in love with idealism; where they learn to put their country and communities above themselves; where they understand that what we get is necessary for our living but our life is created by what we give.


A.  Purpose of Oasis Life Camps:


"Education without values, as useful as it is, seems to make a man more clever devil."

~ C S Lewis


Very truly said! The basic purpose of Life Camps is to help youths to inculcate values in their life. To inspire them to love tall values and lead a value-based life. So that they turn better human-beings and better citizens.


'Life Camps' are 2-3 days self developmental & learning residential camps mostly organized at Oasis Valleys, Chanod. Natural environment at Oasis Valleys is very conducive for learning about principles of Life, Self-confidence, Communication skills, Goals of Life, Responsibility, Dreams & Goals, Patriotism and so many other things. Through unique interactive processes designed by Oasis, they learn about the same.


B.   About Course Content, Sequence & Design :


The Course contents as mentioned in the Themes of each camp are ever-evolving and subject to change if required. The sequence of subjects is NOT necessarily as stated. Designs of course may vary according to the needs of Participants and for better effectiveness of the camp.

C.  Precaution :


Oasis Life Camps fundamentally focus upon Self-development. They involve self-study, observation, understanding and visualizing, practicing through role-plays and taking actions during sessions. All these things are not very easy. It involves various emotions - enthusiasm, excitement, fear, anger, sadness, regret, sympathy, hope, compassion etc. Some Participants may find these Life Camps physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. For any reason, if anyone is not prepared physically or mentally to take this stress, we recommend not to force them to participate in these camps. If you need any assistance in this regard, you may please ask for it.


Note: Please note that Oasis LIFE Camps are the Basic Camps of IYLDP Course for various groups. The second and third year courses are named as Oasis LOVE Camps and Oasis FRIENDSHIP Camps respectively. Further information on this will be provided upon request.



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