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Oasis Workshops are being facilitated by the team of full time Facilitators. 

Sanjiv Shah
Founder, Oasis Movement
Lead Facilitator, Oasis Workshops
Author, Oasis Publications

Sanjiv is one of the Founders and Facilitators of Oasis Movement, INDIA.


Sanjiv had boring education and while he is grateful for being able to read and write, he feels he could have been much better and a confident human being with a meaningful education. He saved his soul majorly by decent parenting, a lot of reading and following his heart.


He founded “Oasis”, a youth organisation born in Gujarat (India) in 1989. “Oasis” aspires to lead a movement for propagating character education for the development of individuals and society.


At a very young age of 25, following his calling, Sanjiv set aside his profession as a Mechanical Engineer to choose an unconventional vocation of leading hundreds of youths towards themselves and contributing to social development.


Later on, as a nationally accredited youth leader and a social activist, he slowly evolved into the roles of a writer and also a professional consultant to CEOs, families, communities and organizations. He designed a unique course of workshops in the area of self-development, known as “The Philosophy, Science and Art of Living, Loving and Learning” as also many other camps for youths. Thousands have benefited through hundreds of these workshops/camps. He has facilitated the growth of thousands of teenagers through organising camps & workshops.


As of today, “Oasis” is spearheading movement through its character-building activities for different age groups and sections of society. Under his stewardship, a unique institute called "Oasis Valleys", first of its kind in India, dedicated only for character building, is created near Vadodara (Gujarat, India).


Sanjiv is a leading nonfiction author in the Gujarati language. More than 74 books and booklets are authored by him, having sold more than 1 million books and pocket booklets. This distinguished feat has made him one of the most respected and popular contemporary writers in the region, in the genre of scientific self-help.


Sanjiv is passionate about living his life to its fullest. Love, Life, Learning, Friendship, Health, Ayurveda, Death and Spirituality are his major areas of interest. Trekking, hiking, travel, cultures, people, books, music, dance, theatre, movies, vegetarian food…he believes in enjoying every moment of life while contributing his best in helping fellow human-beings to also, live meaningfully.

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Sheeba Nair
Lead Facilitator, Oasis Workshops
Trustee, OASIS Trust

At 46 years (as on Aug 2019), Sheeba Nair is the Trustee of 'Oasis - A Selfless International Society', Proprietor of 'Oasis A University of Love, Life and Friendship For Youth', Facilitator of 'Oasis Movement' and one of the esteemed member of 'Oasis Movement Core Community'.


She has published around six books on character building and has been publishing 'Life Management Diary' yearly since 1999. She has served in 'The Asian Age' and 'The Times of India' as a journalist and a feature writer respectively.

In 2002, she was awarded, 'Sadguru Gyanananda National Award'. 'Manav Seva Samvardhini Trust', presents this award to women for excellence in social welfare. Sheeba was chosen for this award for her exemplary services in social welfare field in the year 2001-02. She was one of the fifteen women selected from all over India.


From the year 2003, she emerged as an impressive facilitator of Oasis Training Programmes. She got excellent feedback from programs in Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Thereafter she facilitated a number of workshops for employees of specific institutions/organizations. Over 5000 people have benefited from her workshop. She is the facilitator of Partnership Projects.


Sheeba is also involved in the making of Unique Oasis Institution "Oasis Valleys" based at Chanod, near Vadodara, Gujarat, India.



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Information about Oasis Facilitator – Sheeba Nair


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