Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan

The Campaign for preparing Torch Bearer Teachers through Special Workshops (જ્યોતિર્ધર અભિયાન), For Awareness And Fulfillment Of Teacher's Swadharma, has been initiated by Oasis in 2012. The campaign commenced from 29th July 2012 from Navsari, Gujarat. 

Present Status

Teachers are the creators of future society and they hand over the prosperity of the past heritage to the students. A teacher develops the intellectual, spiritual and moral qualities of a student. She/He imparts education about life and the world. A child learns from the teacher's education, conduct and character. That is why the teacher is so much revered in our culture and we worship the teacher.


A Teacher is after all a mould for character creation. Objects always take the shape of the mould. The teacher is always an ideal for the students. Students only follow their teachers. The students trust and respect the teacher only if her/his personality is exemplary, thoughts, speech and actions are integrated. There is no faith or respect if the speech and action differ. If it happens, the teacher loses value and importance. Only the virtuous personality of a person creates a concrete influence.


The soul of character development is not only to involve intellectual development, but also to educate the heart. The criteria of character development are related with the thoughts and behaviour, and not with the thinking power of a person. Character is the amalgamation of inquisitiveness, knowledge, inner-sense and skill. Decades of wrong education system has made our society intelligence-dominated. That is why there is a need for a powerful campaign in the society for educating the heart and the conscience.


As citizens of an independent nation, teachers cannot escape from their duties and responsibilities amidst all deficiencies and difficulties. Keeping in heart the feeling of an ideal and privileged nation-building, teachers will have to show the direction for the life-building of children. She/he should carry the spirit of the building of ideal society and dignified Nation with her/him. It is a big challenge. It is a divine challenge from the supreme and the demand of the present time that the teacher becomes aware her/his self-duty and obeys it.


Oasis has come up with a revolutionary workshop of 40 days named "The Philosophy, Art & Science of Living, Loving & Learning" which continues for four years and compels you to change. This is the best workshop for character building and learning the art of living. This workshop has taken its form as a result of the experiences of many workshops, processes and personal feedbacks.


The chief goal of this campaign is to awaken the great persona hidden within ourselves. Through self-thinking, self-improvement, self-purification and self-development, one can create such best personality, which can act as a mould to dedicate innumerable inspiring personalities at the feet of Motherland India.

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