Journey of Oasis Misaal Honourship Explorer

In June 2018, some 20 young participants of Oasis programs decided to be explorers of Oasis Misaal Honourship, which is designed and facilitated by Sanjiv Shah. The participants are learning as well as working in different departments of Oasis and today this program has become the highlight of Oasis. All these participants have common intention in their heart - to be a DREAMER, to be a MISAAL, to be a SMILLIONAAIRE and to be a better HUMAN BEING.
Why Oasis Misaal Honourship Explorer ?
  • Oasis believes that youths need a platform to build strong character and to have the freedom to make decisions with one's own choices for future life. They can make mistakes and learn from it. With this process, they are able to see their inner strength and work on it. They get freedom from the conformity and able to do something different for the society as well as the country. 

  • Especially in our Indian society most of the youths are not getting enough freedom to make their dreams come true & their thoughts/opinions are not given importance in the family. So, youths become dependent.

  • Education system provides only subjective knowledge to gain a diploma or degree, and not helping to get a real crush of Life. So, today's generation becomes paralysed and they are not been able to take even a small decision on their own. They always live in social pressure.

  • This Process teaches to move towards one's own dream, it shows the way to get it and stand on one's own feet. 

Oasis's Amazing Explorers with their Mentor & Facilitator, Sanjiv Shah 
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