Indian Young Leadership Development Program

At Oasis, we believe that the roots of plaguing problems of our country – Corruption, Poverty, Unemployment, Pollution etc. lie in our Education System. Is it possible to have corruption unless educated people are a party to it? The present education system is failing somewhere to see 'the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child'.


Inculcating right values in the next generation is the only way out. So, 'Indian Young Leadership Development Program' has been launched with a vision to influence radical changes in the Educational System in coming times.


In the last 5 years, since Oasis has started working directly with children under IYLDP, hundreds of children have benefited. There are many who have shown exemplary growth. Hiral Soni was one of the star kids & now a young leader-facilitator at Oasis who has shown amazing transformation after she got into a nourishing environment & right upbringing. It shows what is possible if a child gets an atmosphere of continuous learning & growth… If every home becomes such platform and every child gets such upbringing, then Indian Society can transform in a single decade


Life, Love & Friendship Camps: Basis of Character Building Education


Children come into contact with Oasis at an early age of 11 to 13 years through their own school or other organizations and begin their journey of learning with a 3-year Freedom Course which is divided into 3 residential camps - Life Camp, Love Camp & Friendship Camp - for respective year.

The very purpose of Oasis Camps is to facilitate the unveiling of the hidden potentials of human-being. Without mere lectures or preaching, principles and values of Life are introduced in a way that can be understood easily with the help of special curriculum, highly participatory modules and processes.

These camps are the basis of Character Building Education which make youth ready to face the world more confidently and to live a meaningful and successful life; which should have been the aim of 'Education'.


Dream India Camps (also known as Friendship & Freedom Camps) : 
Developing Future Citizens of Free India


Dream India Camps are specially designed as 8-10 days residential camps based on the principles of Freedom & Happiness (inspired by Summerhill School, U.K.). In an atmosphere of complete freedom, children are exposed to cultivate the qualities of leadership, brotherhood and teamwork. They also learn to cultivate a deep sense of responsibilities as future citizens of India.


Advance Leadership Development Camps at Himalayas: Testing the Commitment


The Advanced Leadership Development Camps at the Himalayas are special camps for creating and facilitating those youngsters who want to become real leaders & have the fire within to change the society and to build the India of our dreams. These youngsters are selected on the basis of their performance in various Oasis Camps, especially Dream India Camps.


Apart from advanced camps at the Himalayas, the youngsters who have shown a keen interest in joining Oasis Movement and have proven their leadership qualities undergo various training programs such as learning management in various Oasis Camps, take up a small project, organize Youth Camps and so on.


Patriotism Camp: Strengthening Patriotism for Nation Building


Patriotism Camps as part of I.Y.L.D.P. are organized to create awareness amongst young leaders of Oasis about the present situation in our country, rich heritage & chronic problems plaguing the development.

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