Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 1 I ISSUE 7 I Mar 1, 2008
A letter from women of this world to educated men…

My fellow educated human-beings,

Yes. Our condition is much better today. We go to schools. We go to jobs. Not only that, we are providing leadership in all the fields and walks of life. Yes, the womanhood is celebrated today, as it never has been. But yet, the battle is far from over. For all those who are educated, who feel that all these women empowerment cries are bogus or distorted, we have some questions-

  The discrimination starts much before when the doctor says,” It’s a girl.” Do people kill girl-foetus even today or not? And who is party to this unimaginable crime? Aren’t they all doctors and paramedical, educated professionals?

  The moment a girl is born, there are many who are not happy. Some wanted inheritor for their business, wealth and so on. And many, many of these people are educated, aren’t they?

  Not all girls have freedom for education. And worse, don’t many people educate their daughters so that “they get good grooms”? So even if the girls are educated with this motivation, is it fair? Is it wholly right?

  Today many girls are brought up like boys. Some families declare this very proudly. But do they bring up their boys as “girls”? Do they teach all household chores to boys too? And till they do it, is real fairness to women possible?

  If girls want to venture out, aren’t they admonished as if the earth is flat for them and they will fall off the edge if they go out?

  Marriage for women, is the commonest mode of livelihood, and the total

amount of undesired sex endured by women is probably greater in marriage than in prostitution”, says Bertrand Russell in his book “Marriage and Morals”. Is this right even today or not?

   We have a special mind set for housewife. Why houses require only wife? Are husbands, fathers not required for making a home?

  Women have the special, natural privilege to be mothers. But who will decide what is more important for them? Do we, knowingly or unknowingly, interfere or not?

  Women’s weakness is their conditioning to long for security. Like any fractured limb, they can’t feel free unless some exercises are done; some pain is taken to move their muscles that have been unused for a long time. Do we seek to help them be free or do we take the advantage of their insecurity for our convenience?

  A woman feels guilty if she is smarter than men. It is said that a man is taught to apologize for his weaknesses, a woman for her strengths. If she shows more capabilities than her spouse or her colleagues, she is frowned at. This is observed no less with educated people than illiterate. Isn’t this ridiculous, yet a fact?

  Can a man find fulfillment staying at home, raising children and running house chores? If yes, why is he not doing that? Is there a way for woman, as for man, to find her self except by her own creative work?

  It is believed, if a woman stays out, her children or their upbringing would suffer. Do we ever try to see what such women do for 24 hours within four walls and whether they are really helping children? Can they ever teach them any lofty values that result in achievements and high self-esteem if they first do not do the same ever? Aren’t they human beings before they are wives and mothers?

And that’s not all. One last question to all fellow man-beings is, do you think your life will be fulfilled if you don’t understand women, their struggles, their aspirations? Is women empowerment the issue of liberation of woman alone or does that concern liberation of man equally?

We do not believe in any kind of woman empowerment campaign that is anti-man, anti-famine, and anti-family; or that is wrongly rebellious, impulsive or reactionary. But if you will look at this issue with deep honesty, you would not ignore this for sure, for your own sake. Do ponder over this on the occasion of International Women’s Day being celebrated on 8th March this month.

Please do remember, in spite of all, we always love you.

Yours Sincerely,

Women of this world

Sanjiv Shah


She has a fragile body, an anxious body language, agitated voice. If you look at this small bundle of energy, you won’t believe what she has done in and with her life.

First and foremost, she is an M.B.B.S. doctor. She had joined Oasis when she was a student and she says that Oasis added important values of humanity and selfless services in her training as a doctor. During the same period while she was a medical student, she was diagnosed as having Juvenile Astrocytoma [a type of brain tumor] and Pulmonary Tuberculosis, which are both serious illnesses. She was in tremendous stress, but, again, she says, thanks to Oasis, that she took the illness positively. The seeds of limitations of allopathic medicines and importance of alternative medicines were sown during her illness.


To provide
For the most vital, irreplaceable and invaluable resources of our country- i.e. Children/Youth/People
And thus work towards Healthy, Vibrant, Prosperous Nation.

Right from beginning, in every Oasis camp and gathering, like many other youths, she used to share her dreams of serving the poor of India and other third world countries. Mother Theresa was her ideal. But unlike many others, her passion to serve was so authentic that it only grew with time. After completing her studies, equipped by the lofty idealism of making life more meaningful by service to humanity, she joined a private hospital at Vadodara. But she felt some guilt pinching, the biting of conscience-that she was not doing the right thing by serving the rich when poor people were so under privileged.

As part of some “crazy” experiments facilitated by Oasis, she went to stay in slums for about 1 to 2 months to experience their living conditions. The experience in her words, “This exposure brought me closer to the reality of millions of underprivileged people of our country. They would share from whatever was in their home even if they were not sure about where the next meal would come from. I was astonished to see the greatness of their heart despite their poverty and felt ashamed of the poverty of my heart.While staying amongst them, I also witnessed the amount of physical abuse, mental torture, hard life, ill health, humiliation etc a poor Indian woman has to undergo. At the same time I felt proud of them as I could see them as tough warriors balancing between being a mother, loyal wife and most hard working, earning member of families.”

Of course, Neha left her job. It was adieu for life time. After getting married, she had to

shift to Bangalore where she promptly started health service centers in the slums around her area. While working there for years in a dedicated way, she realized that people were visiting her centers again and again with the same illnesses. She also observed that many patients suffered from severe liver or lung diseases leading to early death. All these experiences compelled her to introspect. She had to find out some solutions and interventions at an early, tender age. Thus Oasis, ASHA – Adolescent Students’ Health Alternative- was born.

The help from volunteers slowly brought out another component of this activity viz. involvement of Women/housewives for educating these underprivileged slum children. Today, Neha and her core team of extremely talented and dedicated women friends are teaching health classes as a year round supplementary course to hundreds of students in municipality schools. “ASHA of Oasis” has spread to Surat in Gujarat and is dreaming to reach more and more children in different cities in the coming years.

Was all this easy? The answer is obvious - serious illness, fragile health, social pressures for traditional career, and with all human weaknesses, she did this. How? With her sense of gratitude for everything, with her unflinching passion-come what may-, and her dedication that’s so overpowering, life had to bow to her.

What gives her so much of strength? Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy has been life long inspiration for Neha-  “It is only with great fortune and immense grace of God that you have got the opportunity to serve the ignorant, diseased and suffering humanity. If you dedicate yourself completely in a selfless way, you realize the unlimited power within you.”

Neha says, “I have no regret whatsoever about leaving the conventional career and serving poor people like this. I never cared for earning and being wealthy. Having millions of rupees in my account, has no comparison with what I have got today in my heart. I have a definite, important role to play through Oasis Movement, I have been able to recognize my mission and for that I feel very happy, very grateful to Oasis and God.”

Imagine a few more such educated youths emulating Neha’s example in future. Imagine them working for educating billions of children of our country. Thank you Neha for living your dream!


For full story, please click here >>

To know more about ASHA-Oasis, please click here >>

For writing to Neha and getting involved in her project mail at or

Waris Dirie- Woman of unmatching courage

Waris- Ranma Khilelu Pushp is an abridged, Gujarati translation of the book ‘The Desert Flower’. It’s of a very rare kind, moving account of what it takes to search one’s mission. It is a story that traverses continents, spans worlds of human experience and human pain...

Each one on the earth faces struggle, but once you read her story you will feel the literal meaning of ‘courage’ and are bound to get the inspiration to choose your life. She is a remarkable woman not only because she made her way from a goatherd’s hut in Somalia to the pages of Vogue and international fashion world; but because she followed her inner voice and stepped forward to help other little girls when there was no compulsion for it. She revealed her painful, intimate secret to the world and is now trying to help put an end to a tradition that has mutilated too many innocents for too many years.

Waris Dirie was a victim once, but she never will be again. She is still fighting, still using her beauty and courage to take what she has learned to try and put things right.

To read review by Taru Kajaria, Janmbhoomi Pravasi Click Here >

An Oasis Publication

Written by Waris Dirie

Translated by Kshama Kataria

Hello Waris,
It was nice meeting you virtually through your book ‘The Desert Flower (Waris- Ranma Khilelu Pushp)’. I must say, you are the most extra-ordinary, the bravest, the most beautiful in the whole world. You are serving as a perfect idol to me.
Your book really leaves me with tears and respect for you in eyes. Every single page makes me feel that you are really very special. Your complete life is inspiring for me.”

Bhoomi Shah, Student of Amity School, Bharuch

Hearty compliments for making Waris Dirie's book available in Gujarati. May yours and Waris's efforts help, the upliftment of women of kutch's rann region. A good seed sown with right volitions…brings right fruits at right time."

Kusum & Vijay Shah, NuTech farm, Rayan, Kutch

Heartiest compliments and thanks for Desert Flower. Your work caused a disturbed night.”

Sanjay Shreepad Bhave, Ahmedabad

I have gone through your translated-book i.e. Waris... in a single sitting in a bus journey.. Marvellous attempt.”

Tarun Shah, Ahmedabad

The book goes straight to the heart and brought tears. I wish to share this book with as many people as I can..”

Jaymin Bhachech, Bharuch

For inspiring books, DVDs / VCDs of movies contact:

the OASIS shop
Vadodara, Gujarat Phone:+91-265-2351862

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“The best gift a father can give to his children is to love their mother.”

Do you see great wisdom in this proverb? If father and mother are always quarreling, never listening, not expressing care and love for each other, what are children learning? Have you ever seen the expressions of children when parents are shouting at each other?

And if they both love each other even in conflicts, if they keep resolving such issues, if they keep expressing love for each other in every possible way, what will happen to children? Do this and see the blooming faces of children.

If children see love, they learn love!

It's not that only women need to search for their freedom of being human, men equally need to search for theirs. On the occasion of International Women's Day here is one wonderful slide show.

Here we go>>

When winter ends, and the summer sets, it's the season for cough to melt and come out of body. So to have cough, cold, fever and other related diseases/ symptoms are common scenario. In such cases, observe fast for a couple of days, drink only warm water with ginger or soonth added into it. After 2-3 days, eat only simple, non-fatty diet in less quantity. Boiled moong, vegetables, soups are good options. Walk or exercise in sunshine. Follow this till you feel healthy once again. Let your body say good bye to winter in a scientific way.

When you married, you committed to stay together for life time.

Did we commit to stay in relationships only if everything good happens? Did we commit to stay together only if nothing ever goes wrong? Was our commitment conditional? Do we stay by the side of friends in their bad times or do we desert them? Then why do we think of separation for every small difference and difficulty?


“If Spirituality is banana, then religion is the peel of banana. Even though, religions have their role in the world, it is Spirituality which is our real dharma.”

Sri Sri Ravishankar

How many people in this world keep on peeling the banana for life long and/or are throwing away the bananas and eating the peels? Are we one of them? It’s ok to be religious for a while, but do we know that it’s not the highest level of human evolution?

  Editor's Note

  International Women's Day stands for the voice of women for freedom, justice and rights- wherever we are, we still have to reach to the more 'just' society. So here, with almost a 'women special' issue of Alive, we have tried to reach to your conscience.

We request you to take this occasion as an opportunity either to push the 'boundaries' of your own freedom and/or to help others for it- as we know there are hundreds still stepping first steps towards their own freedom.

The 'right angle' will compel you to introspect/think, the 'book of the month' will make you envy what a courageous woman can achieve and 'inspiration for right living' will complete the picture of human journey of togetherness.

Wish you a introspective, thoughtful and actful Women's Day!

- Team Alive


  Team Alive

  Sanjiv Shah

  Alkesh Raval

  Jolly Madhra

  Umesh Patel

  Kshama Kataria


  Oasis News In Nutshell

   Towards understanding the significance of preventive health education in schools, Oasis, Bangalore organized a seminar on the “Role of Preventive Health Education in Schools for Solving National Health Problem” on February 22, 2008. The programme called for a synergy between all the efforts that are being conducted in the area of preventive health education and gave platform to schools, NGOs, Government representatives as well experts working for the same. For detail report check the next issue.

 Oasis L3 workshops at USA were conducted successfully and the facilitators have now returned back to India.

  As part of promoting books on character building, Oasis participated in the National Book fair at Rajkot organized by Delhi Book Publishing Samiti during 15th to 24th February.


  Forthcoming Programs

 Celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March:

Oasis, Bangalore has planned to carry out a candle light procession on March 7, 2008, an eve of International Women's Day in the slum area. This will be followed by formation of a human chain to reinforce Oasis's commitment to women empowerment.

Oasis Women Development Circle, Surat has also organized mass awareness rally on 8th March.

To celebrate INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day in its true sense, Oasis is publishing a booklet comprising the struggles of women of our times from all over the world, entitled Nari-jivanni Bhet. For more details check the publication basket.

   Farmers' meet at Oasis Valleys is rescheduled on 1st March.

   Workshop for the Karanj Limodra village development core team members is rescheduled on 4th-5th March.


  Publication Basket

Women Special Books:

At Oasis, we believe in women empowerment and have published couple of booklets which could be immensely helpful to women. To celebrate 'International Women's Day' you can choose to gift it to yourself and/or to others, it's a good idea!

New Arrival:

"Nari-jivanni Bhet"

Compiled by : Sanjiv Shah

Pages: 40

Rs. 15.00

Want to ponder for a while- where are you standing- as a woman or as society- as far as freedom of women concerned? Nari-jivanni Bhet presents real-life stories of the women struggle from all over the world. It's a valuable experience to read/feel the struggles of present age women.

"Laganiona Zanzavatma Maheki Shake Chhe Aa Jindgi…"

Written by : Sanjiv Shah

Pages: 105

Rs. 50.00

Available in Hindi also.

Are you struggling with your emotions very badly? And then, cursing the emotionality that you inherit by being a women? This booklet will help you to understand your emotions and also helps you to deal with it more confidently.

"Waris- Ranma Khilelu Pushp "

Translated by: Kshama Kataria

Pages: 40

Rs. 10.00


For Orders Please Contact :

Pallavi Raulji

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the OASIS shop

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Oasis Movement Friends,

I’m very grateful to you for providing me information about the valuable work that you are doing in India as well as U.S.A. Hearty congratulations for this precious service to human race!
With best regards,

Vimala Thakar
February 20, 2008; Shivkuti

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