Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 1 I ISSUE 4 I Jan 16, 2008
New Workshop Series of L-M-E (Leadership-Management-Empowerment)
Workshop Reflections

New Workshop Series of L-M-E (Leadership-Management-Empowerment) started at Mumbai. The first beneficiaries are being the staff members of Diamond Industries of Mumbai. Workshop reflections in their own words (translated and compiled)-

"The subjects you have covered are so helpful that it will help me in my overall life, to fulfill my dreams... Two things I learned- Involvement and responsibility.... The only way to be at par is to practice Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility.... I have never attended any workshop teaching about the very wonderful way to talk with one another.... Oh! If you have met me before 5-10 years!... I have bookish knowledge, but you have taught me how to put things in practice... Through this workshop, we could observe our mistakes- while working and also while at home... I got 100% confidence to help people working under me, and keep my people happy also."

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Oasis Bangalore - Gender Sensitisation Workshop
Group Leaders sharing findings of case study
Dang Explorations - Village Women erecting the tent
Participants of Dang Exploration with Oasis Facilitator Maya Soni

Introspective Workshop on Gender Sensitisation

Oasis, Bangalore has organized a Gender Sensitisation Workshop on 6th January 2008

Oasis, Bangalore, conducted a Gender Sensitisation Workshop for its ASHA members and their respective spouses. The aim of the workshop was to bring out gender related human conditioning and impression/impact of the society on one’s mind to a conscious level. For all the 22 participants, this workshop was an introspective session wherein each one tried to understand the various experiences of gender conditioning that they have gone through in their lifetime.

The session was an eye opener for many participants for whom gender itself was a new concept. They were introduced to concepts like conditioning- the thoughts, beliefs and values that an individual gathers in the process of growing from an infant to an adult which make up one’s belief system. Based on conditioning and experience the participants were asked to identify defining characteristics of both the genders. The participants also discussed the advantages and limitations of their own gender as well as the opposite gender.

One interesting segment of the five hour workshop was the debate on the physical toughness and strength of males and females. This argument divided the entire group along the lines of gender with each group defending their opinion that their gender is stronger than the other. It was treating both for the eyes and ears with most participants reaching the edge of their seats in excitement trying to pitch in their reasons.

On the whole it was a very interesting, well structured and well conducted workshop.

The session held on the 13th January’08 was in continuation to the first phase of the workshop that was conducted on 6th January’08. The focus of the second session, that had 18 participants, was on understanding the traditional norms, values and customs that contribute towards the formation of gender roles. This was an extension of the concept of conditioning that was covered in the first session. In a group based case study session where male and female participants were given separate case

studies, the participants discussed the most significant parts of the study according to them and how they could relate the case study to their personal lives. The role play session was the most enlightening part of the five hour workshop wherein two couples volunteered to participate. The couples were expected to reverse their roles and discuss a significant issue where they disagreed with each other. The entire exercise was an introspective one where each partner was supposed to understand the thoughts and feeling of their spouse on that issue. Both the couples did the exercise with utmost sincerity and affirmed that the exercise helped them understand the relationship with their spouse more clearly. They realized that a little more verbal communication was required with each other without assuming that the other person will understand their innermost thoughts on their own. Both the sessions of the workshop were conducted by Dr. Neha Vakharia, Chief Co-ordinator Oasis Bangalore. She made the entire workshop very participative and thought provoking. On the whole it was a great learning experience for all.

Romica Vasudev
Asha Oasis, Bangalore


TOGETHER we can move the mountain…

TOGETHER we can hold the ocean…

TOGETHER we can catch the stars!!

This is the spirit of all participants of Oasis camp at Dang! Jagadish Patel, participant of this camp and former sarpanch of Limodra village says – “If we are in a team, we can make all impossible things possible- is what I experienced in last 3 days.”

Oasis has organized an adventure camp at Dang on 28-30th Dec., 2008 for 34 participants. Participants were residents of Karanj and Limodra villages, located near Kim, in Surat District. As part of social responsibilities, a textile company near Limodra – Fairdeal Filaments Pvt. Ltd., is supporting the project for development of Karanj and Limodra villages.

The project started 3 and half years back. Oasis had conducted a series of workshops on Character Building for about 80-90 villagers in the 1st phase of the project. The 2nd phase was to facilitate the process of community building by using Gramsabha as a tool. And the 3rd phase is to facilitate village development activities through this community of village leaders. Presently in the 3rd phase of project, We have quarterly residential workshops for 2 days at Vadodara and periodical follow up sessions at village.

As part of this process we had organized an adventure camp in the thick, scary yet fascinating jungle of Dang. we wanted to create opportunities for participants to better their relationships with one –

another. We also had an objective to do preparations for upcoming state level Seminar (Sammelan) for Rural Development.

We left for Dang early morning on 28th Dec, 2008. Out of 34 participants there were participants from different villages, professions and age groups. So, with this diversity we all were out to create oneness! We reached Burthadi Bridge at Dang after about 4 hours journey by bus.

Burthadi Bridge is on the northern part of Dang, 1 km from Burthadi village and on the Gira River. Though SRP authority is ready to send help for erecting tents till dang, participants choose to do this difficult task themselves. Even women erected their tent themselves and thus we created OASIS VILLAGE there. We decided to trek from Burthadi to Shingana village through jungle only by using map and compass. It was 6km trekking and 6km for return journey. The rules of the game were not to ask anything to local people and not to go through road. Everybody had to lead the group one after another. As sun gets setting, many started feeling tension. It was 6.45pm when we reached Shingana, it was all dark around. Most of us started feeling fear of noiseless, dark jungle. It was suggested to everybody to keep quiet and feel the surrounding. Silence had created the magic. We

reached base camp at about 8.15pm. All were tired thoroughly. Around camp fire each one shared their learning of the day.

The 2nd day was the day of Challenge. The day started very early. Almost all had waked up before 5am. We divided in 3 groups for trekking program for the day. Each group was provided trekking kit, medical kit, map and compass. All 3 groups had to trek through separate route and to reach Karanjada Bridge. It was 10-12 km trek. All were excited, but, was having fear also. All 3 groups passed through very thick jungle. Many a times, we could not see our group members beyond 3-4 feet. Even local people got surprised when they came to know that we have passed through that part of jungle through which they also fear to travel. Our trek is covered through hills, valleys, and river. We were in short of water too. Hats of to courage and determination of Oasis participants! All passed through all difficult treks and reached one after another by 6.30pm. Everybody shouted with joy, danced and hugged when all met. All were busy describing their story of courage, care, help, co-operation…..! Their eyes were overflowing with gratefulness and love! We had been to Gira fall on 3rd day. We had our session on Dreaming about a state level Seminar and concluding session.

Maya Soni
Facilitator of Adventure programme in Dang



  Editor's Note

  Oasis welcomes Kshama Kataria as an editor member of Team Alive. Kshama is Designer as well as team member of Oasis Publications. This time the issue is about event reports and reflections of the workshop participants. Readers’ responses and inputs are welcome.

-Team Alive


  Team Alive

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  Alkesh Raval

  Jolly Madhra

  Umesh Patel

Umesh Patel  Kshama Kataria

  Forthcoming Programs

Oasis Calendar 2008

The Calendar of Oasis Workshops at Surat and Mumbai as well as the Calendar of Oasis Events during the year of 2008 is given below. Those who want to download the Excel file of all the three Oasis calendars please
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Calendar of Forthcoming Oasis Programs

26 Jan

Awareness programmes on various Health Issues in Schools adopted by Asha Oasis at Surat

30 Jan

Farmers' Meet at Oasis Valleys

3-10 Feb

Book Exhibition - Vidhya at Surat

5-6 Feb

Self Development Workshop for Oasis Bangalore team mates

27 Feb

Farmers' Meet at Oasis Valleys

Note :- The dates can be changed due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective co-ordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.


  New Workshop Series

New L-M-E means Leadership, Management and Empowerment workshop series was inaugurated at Mumbai and received great response. If you want to participate in the same or want to organize the workshop series in your organisation, kindly contact Oasis head-office or regional co-ordinators. For more details contact Preeti Nair on Mob. No. +91-99243 43087. If you want to download the brochure of this workshop, please click below

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  Reflections from readers

Thank you very much for the news Letter. It was quite interesting. Also art of living Healthy, avoiding the illness. Keep sending by mail.

Warm Regards,

Ranganath Kulkarni.

Manager, Bharat Petroleum



Feedbacks of Participants of Adventure camp at Dang

“I would have never imagined in my life that I would ever wear trouser and shoes, that too after borrowing from Rajeshbhai (Sarpanch, Limodra)…..I never felt that I am from Karanj and others are from Limodra. I feel all are my family-members, they all have so much cared for me.”

– Pushpa, 40, Karanj.

“During our stay at Dang, we helped others, we cared for others, we sacrificed in a little little way….all these things have lessened distance between us.”

– Ramila, 38, Limodra.

“We worked in committees, we did trekking in groups, we stayed with different people in tents – all these had helped us in bettering our relationships with others. I am very very happy to see increased enthusiasm and unity in our group.”

– Raju, 40, Limodra.

“It is possible to achieve the goal which may seem to be impossible on the 1st instance….In crisis we unite and help each other…..If we are together we feel lot of courage….”

– Ramesh, 45, Limodra.


  Workshop Reports

As a part of MHS Workshop Series, the first workshop was organised on 20th December, 2007 for B.K. School of Business Management, Ahmedabad. Here is the compiled feedbacks of participants.

"Excellent workshop. This workshop makes a vision which helps in reaching towards the goal of an individual. It works as a catalyst in the process of improvement in one’s life... It will really help me to strive hard and achieve my goals in life. It will definitely help to restructure, correct the flaws in life... My feeling about the workshop is so great because in this workshop I did great task like Mission-vision... I am very thankful to Sheeba to help to know about my life choices... She has awesome way to explain things to people in best possible and flexible way."

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