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"Oasis Valleys" Special Issue

Various Projects of
Oasis Movement

What is Oasis Movement?



Participants blooming after being introduced to 'The Philosophy, Art and Science of Living, Loving and Learning' - L3 Course

Workshop on Art of Listening in progress

Role Play durng one of the workshop

Workshop in Progress at Vesta Inc at USA

Disscussion during L3 Workshop



'Best of the Best' Books being dispalyed at Book Fair, Surat

Oasis Publication, Mahan Hrudayona SaReGaMaPaDhaNi.....' In the charts of Best Seller Regional Book for 7-8 consequetive years.



Providing treatment and counseling to underpriviledged in densely populated slum areas at Bangalore

Rally for Awareness on Tobacco and Anti Alcoholism at Surat

Volunteers interacting with children at Orphanage

'India would be Different, If we are Not Indifferent'

Teachers learning the significance of Value Education at Navsari



'Prevention is better than cure'.

Intervention to instill healthy habits at an early age, Health Education Class being conducted in various schools.

Question -Answer Session in Seminar on 'Role of Preventive Health Education in Schools for solving National Health Problem'.



Men and Women, equally participating and being facilitated to take responsibility for development of their village.

Women, actively involved in charting out their village development plans.



Yoga Class in Progress at Surat


the OASIS shop

Unique wholistic life style store catering to the needs of Healthy Food for Mind and Body under one roof.


Youth Programmes

Youth Group at Mumbai


"Oasis" means a fertile, green and lush watery region in dry and plain desert!

Oasis Movement aims at propagation of various concepts and lifestyle for development of better human-being and better society. This movement originated in Vadodara, a city in Gujarat (India) and at present is spreading the concepts of Character Building, Self Leadership, Values & Principles of Living meaningful life in various parts of the country and world.

Oasis Movement centers on Community Development through Individual Development. Hence, most of the projects undertaken by Oasis, focus on inspiring leadership in people. Thereby, to encourage them towards owning up community projects, social missions and thus, contribute in bringing about long term changes in society at large. At present, more than 10,000 people have directly benefitted so far from Oasis Programs and we aspire to reach out to many more in coming years.

What is "Oasis Valleys" Project?

"Oasis Valleys" is a first of our series of Friendship Land Projects, to be created at village Mandva, on the banks of river Narmada, near Chandod, dist. Vadodara.

It is our dream - our Centre for Self Leadership Education for Community Development. It is a Model Institution, where Ideals for the best of life are practiced. Be it Construction, Utilization of Natural & Energy Resources, Agriculture, Animal Rearing or simply living there.

"Oasis Valleys" is a Project of creating a sustainable Model institution for Nation Building. It is a Social Partnership to create better human beings, better organizations, better society, better Nations! The Project is undertaken by Oasis A Selfless International Society, a registered Public Charitable Trust.

. . Objectives

  • To create a unique multi-sector model for a better
    society through entrepreneurship in social development.
  • To create a live emblem of utilization of natural resources –
    be it soil, water, sun, wind...and the first and most important
    amongst all – HUMANS!
  • It aims at creating a place for scientific transformation
    of people into contributive citizens (who willingly contribute
    collectively for social / national development)
  • To facilitate the process of Learning and Teaching/Sharing
    the concepts of Self - Leadership for development of different
    communities of the society (Urban as well as Rural) at a large scale.

  • To create a centre for self - rejuvenation (physical as
    well as psycho-spiritual).
  • To encourage Social Welfare Entrepreneurships and
    Partnerships for social development.
What is the Vision?


  • “Oasis Valleys” will give Intensive Character-building Training to
    2-3000 people within first 2 years of the creation of the institute
  • The message of Character-building will be reached to 10,000
    people by these 2-3000 people (through local workshops/sessions).
  • By 2010 it will be reached to 50,000 people through the
    training of 25 Facilitators & with the help of Patrons of the institute.
  • Many Social-welfare Activities will be originated from the institute.
  • To see the Oasis Valleys Institute, with the eyes of an imaginary beneficiary, please click here>>>

    Activities at Oasis Valleys

  • Character-building Workshops & Self Rejuvenation Programmes will be organised at Oasis Valleys.
  • Institute will be working approximately 300 days out of 365 days and approximately 100 workshops of 2-3 days will take place in a year.
  • 80% Workshops from these will be Charitable (Non-profitable). Income from other workshops will also be utilized for charitable cause only.
  • We will try to give benefit to minimum 1-2000 participants of the workshops within first year after creation of the institute
Outline of "Oasis Valleys" Project
  • “Oasis Valleys” is the project to have residential programs for Oasis workshops & courses on Character Building and Individual Development.
  • It is located near village Chanod, 55 kms away from City of Vadodara.
  • Land Description: 9 Acres of Wasteland, Contours of 20 m difference (5 acres of adjoining land is in the process of acquiring by Oasis).
  • Core group friends of Oasis Movement purchased the land collectively in 2001.
  • Organic Farming started in 2002, 1000 trees planted & nurtured since then.
  • In 2004, a Team of Architects came together to design the Institute through Synergistic efforts.
  • Philosophy behind creating the institution clarified & sets of values were prepared.
  • By mid-2005, the design came up but the process of questioning & improvements went on till the end of the year.
  • In January 2006, the design was finalized.
  • Oasis launched movement to raise requisite fund from March 2006
  • In January 2007, the legal process for Construction was initiated.
Present Status
  • The whole land area is fenced & protected.
  • Bore well & Irrigation System installed so that water can reach each & every part of the land.
  • First building of Oasis Valleys, Co-ordination Centre of Agriculture, is constructed & started being utilized.
  • Architects have finalized the design of this Unique Institution where thousands of people are going to learn how to Live and how to Love!
  • The fund-raising drive has begun.
  • Check dams & Bunding are built at various locations for soil conservation. Whole land is protected against soil erosion.
  • 1000 fruit trees and 1500 forest trees have been planted all over the land. Also 1300 plants have been sown in nursery.
  • Utility structures like Overhead tank, Agriculture Store and Security Cabin are under construction.
Other Components of Project
  • Organic Farming in 6 acres
  • Gaushala with 8 animals
  • Nursery
  • Herbal & Medicinal Plantations
  • Vermi-compost Unit
  • Wheat Grass Project
  • Natural Forest
To know more about these projects click here >>>
What are the Values for Creation of "Oasis Valleys"?

"Oasis Valleys" is the symbol of right living. The very purpose it is being created for is to impart the values of Character Education. Nonetheless, every aspect of it is governed by set of values, may it be the Construction, the Architecture, the Design or the Overall Project.

Project Values

  • OASIS TRUST: People based Voluntarism, Education and
    Development Oriented
  • OASIS VALLEYS: Sustainability, WOW Feeling
    and Functional
  • CONSTRUCTION: Simplicity, Honesty, Transparency
  • TEAMWORK: All bloom!, Diversity, Generosity, Synergy,
    Learner Friendliness, Discipline
  • DECISION MAKING: Inclusiveness, Consensus

Architectural and Design Values

  1. Oneness with nature
  2. Transparency
  3. Articulates with our philosophy
  4. Flexibility for growth possibilities
  5. Contextual
  6. Hygiene/ Cleanliness
  7. Innovative, Energy Efficient
  8. Low Capital

Interpreted Design Values

  1. Easy to Maintain
    (Be it the 100% Washable Spaces, or the Tough Vegetation)
  2. Built to Last
    (As eternal and sustainable as Oasis’s thoughts)
  3. Questioning the Conventional Notions of Space
    (An attempt to tantalize the paradigms of the routine)
  4. Powerful Experience of Peace and Sanctity
    (Experiencing is Believing!)
  5. Climatically Sensitive
    (Whole-hearted acceptance of Nature’s Supremacy and making it in favour rather than against us)

… The institute shall become an opportunity to reach out for the Nature’s Supreme Principles of Truth and Non-Violence.

Construction Values

  • Cost effective Housing Technologies
  • Energy efficient designs & architecture
  • Environment Friendly Material
  • Terrace Garden & Landscaping
  • Rain Water Harvesting
What are Major Components/Highlights of "Oasis Valleys"?

. Major Components of Institution:

The proposed building is to have 3 distinct components:

  • 2 Tutorial Halls; each having an area of 750 sq feet, each having
    an adjoining dining cum multipurpose room of an area of 600 sq feet.
  • 24 Residential Rooms; each having an area of 250 sq feet including
    an attached bathing and toilet facility
  • Service Amenities like reception, accounts and administration,
    common kitchen and a large terrace for larger gatherings.

Utility Infrastructure Components:

  • Alternative / Emergency Power Backup
  • Water Supply, Drainage and Storm Water Disposal
  • Communication and Connectivity
  • Audio Systems and Relevant Acoustics
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Fire Safety
"Oasis Valleys" Team

Project Team for Creation of Oasis Valleys


Team & Project

Parag Shah
K.Girdharlal, Surat
Design Architect In-charge
Snehal Shah
S.Team Design Services, Surat
Architect In-charge
Apurva Rana
Nainita Apurva & Associates, Vadodara
Consulting Architects
Saloni Shah
S.Team Design Services, Surat
Nainita Rana
Nainita Apurva & Associates, Vadodara
Resource Co-ordinator
Sheeba Nair
Managing Trustee, OASIS
Project Execution
Alkesh Raval
Technical Co-ordinator, Oasis
Ketan Mehta
Construction Manager , Oasis
Mehul Panchal
Agriculture Co-ordinator, Oasis
Legal Co-ordinator
Preeti Nair
Trustee, OASIS
Sanjiv Shah
Founder Member, Oasis

Project Consultants for Creation of Oasis Valleys

Field Name Organisation
Project Management Dipal Vaidhya
Parimal Shah
JMC Projects Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
Structural Consultant Hemant Shukla Technocraft Engineers, Surat
Narendra Patel Yognipun Associates, Vadodara
Plumbing Latesh I Chauhan Envirotech Engineers, Vadodara
Electrical Thomas C. C. K. Girdharlal, Surat
Air-Conditioning Surendra Shah Panasia Engineers, Mumbai
Energy Conservation Mr. Perman Devki Energy Consultants, Vadodara
Raju Pandya Gujarat Energy Development Agency , Gandhinagar
Landscape Milind Patel Milind Patel Associates, Ahmedabad
Rain Water
 Dr. A. S. Patel Saurabh Consultants, Vadodara
Shashibhai Shah Minar Construction, Vadodara
Why should you contribute for this project?


  • We need license to drive a car, but not for marrying!
  • We need years of education for being employed but not for producing& rearing children!
  • We are taught how to speak, read, and write but not how to listen & understand the other person.

It requires lot of thoughtfulness to contribute for investing for bettering human beings. There is no alternative to being a good human and so education for character building is very, very important. And we know, we all have power to transform the society. Our decisions and actions can create a better society. It’s our choice. Come, let us exercise our right to vote, lets create a better society, enhance an ever evolving, changing, dynamic culture and above all, lets begin to live, love and learn together by contributing in this project.
For more details about how you can contribute and be a part of this project, click here.

“Rich are not those who have a lot, who have accumulated a lot or who want a lot; rich are those who give a lot-not just wealth, but all that they have. And the best form of contribution is giving your time for this movement in involving other people.”

Contact Details

For more information about how you can contribute/participate in Oasis Valleys Project - a unique institute, please email us at or contact any of our Regional Co-ordinators


BARODA : OASIS HEAD OFFICE Tele/ Fax :91-265-232-17-28
Ahmedabad : Preeti Nair Mobile: 09924343087
Bangalore : Dr. Neha Vakharia Mobile: 09886087021
Mumbai : Preeti Nair Mobile: 09967508863
Rajkot : Pallavi Raulji Mobile: 09924343088
Surat : Dr Ami Desai Mobile: 09924343089
USA & Other Countries : Preeti Nair Mobile: 91-9924343087

Various Features of
"Oasis Valleys"



Project site (2002)

Oasis Valleys, after Cultivation Started.

Soil Conservation - Check Dams and Bunding at Oasis Valleys site

Sowing seeds for Sustainable Agriculture

Cows of 'Gau-sneh-shala' enjoying their space at Oasis Valleys

Vermi Compost Unit at Oasis Valleys

Nursery Project at Oasis Valleys

Project Team at Work


Model of Oasis Valleys Institution Building






  Editor's Note

Dear Friends,

We are happy to inform you that the year long legal process is almost over and lastly obtaining permission for NA will be processed soon. As now, Construction planning is predictable, we have already initiated the process for funds and resources creation.

This issue is about refreshing the readers about the Vision as well as the Mission behind Oasis Valleys Institution. We urge you to help us by generously contributing and helping us for funds and resources for this project.

We are grateful for the contributions received from a lot many friends and will appreciate their involvement in other ways too.

For more information on Oasis Movement and Oasis Valleys Project please write to us at

-Team Alive

  Team Alive

  Sanjiv Shah

  Sheeba Nair

  Jolly Madhra

  Kshama Kataria

  Umesh Patel

  Alkesh Raval

  Poonam Golani


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