Newsletter-cum-magazine of Oasis Movement YEAR 1 I ISSUE 10 I Apr 16, 2008

We all once again found ourselves

in the kindergarten of Listening school

A series of workshops is planned to facilitate/nurture the Oasis-ASHA, Bangalore team this year. The third in the series, a two-days workshop was held on April 1-2, 2008 at Bangalore. The theme was ‘Listening’ and thus to facilitate team-building. Read the workshop report in the words of one of the workshop beneficiaries.

The workshop, attended by about 16 members, was conducted by Sheeba Nair (Managing Trustee, O.A.S.I.S. and Oasis Facilitator) who created a very friendly and encouraging atmosphere for the participants to share many things. It was indeed an eye opening workshop for all of us.

It was so shocking when we came to know the fact that even though we spend 45% of our life in listening we were never taught listening in our entire life. In childhood we were taught how to speak, how to read and how to write but never how to listen.

The entire workshop was participatory. She taught all things by exercises. She taught us many difficult things about listening in such a simple way and that too by exercises.

She made us do many role plays to understand which are the different wrong habits usually we practice in listening.

We also learnt difference between hearing and listening, stages of listening. As if we all once again found ourselves in the kindergarten of Listening school.



Many a times during the workshop we all felt that she herself is such a wonderful example of good listener! It was so inspiring to witness her immense patience while explaining to some of the participants about some concepts.

She also made us do the role play to understand and implement the learning of listening. It was once again we found oh how difficult listening is…

We are very grateful to Sheebaben for sharing very important and essential knowledge of life.

Be it a role of mother/father, son/daughter, teacher, wife/husband, the science of listening is crucial to understand other person and bring happiness in our life. In fact we also learnt that Listening = Understanding = Loving

On the whole the Sheebaben has left Oasis-Bangalore members eagerly waiting for her next session.

Report by Neha Vakharia
Asha Oasis, Bangalore

Photo Gallery
Listening Workshop (Oasis-ASHA, Bangalore): The moment when participants learnt through a live example that even a simple effort of listening is actually so difficult!
Listening Workshop (Oasis-ASHA, Bangalore): Sheeba Nair facilitating listening in one pair of ASHA teammates who wanted to solve their misunderstanding
Health Kit Distribution (Oasis-ASHA, Bangalore): Hygiene and first aid kit was distributed to approximately 830 children adopted under ASHA project.
Hygiene and First Aid kit that is distributed among children
ASHA class in progress at I. G. Desai High school, Bhatar, Surat
Oasis-ASHA, Surat team with Facilitator Dr. Ami Desai
Oasis Nursery Project at Oasis Valleys

Oasis Valleys rearing 1200 plants

in its Nursery project

Last month plantation of 400 saplings has been carried out at Oasis Valleys. We are happy to share that almost all the plants have survived and bloomed with new leaves. At Oasis Valleys, we try to treat sapling as valuable as grown up tree.



During the month of March/April, we bought 900 more saplings from nurseries and started "Oasis Nursery Project" at Oasis Valleys. The concept is to nurture saplings up to 2 to 3 years at nursery only and thus maximize the survival rate of plantaion. We bought 1 year old saplings from nurseries of Baroda and started growing them in big bags at one single location, so that proper care can be taken. It is easy to water them, add natural manure etc. By monsoon, these saplings will be quite grown up and much stable. So, when we will plant

them into soil, they will get settled easily. Thus we can bring down the failure rate of plantation.

At present, more than 1200 saplings of various trees are being grown in the "Nursery Project" at Oasis Valleys.

Some of them are medicinal plants, flowering trees, bamboo and creepers useful for soil conservation, vanishing species of trees like Banyan, Pipal etc. Some of these saplings will be planted during coming monsoon and others will be planted next year.


Alkesh Raval



  Editor's Note

As you saw, here is the special announcement for the Rural Development Seminar to be organised on 13, 14 May, 2008. This seminar is for the people who are working towards Rural Development, but in their own way. Is there any possibility to create a collective vision about Sustainable Rural Development from these various efforts and insights?

Like Oasis, many organisations and individuals know the importance of Rural Development and are putting their efforts to bring change from the very core of our nation. Through this seminar we invite all these people to gather on one platform and maximize collective efforts. If you are one of them, call Dr. Pallavi Raulji or Dr. Maya Soni at the numbers shown in the leaflet, because your inputs are valuable to us and the Rural Development sector as well.

With this issue, its now easy to go through the past issues of alive as we are introducing 'Alive archives' as a permanent feature.

Hope it will link us better. Write your feedback/response on

-Team Alive


  Team Alive

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  Sheeba Nair

  Jolly Madhra

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  Alkesh Raval


  Forthcoming Programs

Oasis Calendar 2008

The Calendar of Oasis Workshops at Surat and Mumbai as well as the Calendar of Oasis Events during the year of 2008 is given below.


Calendar of open Oasis Workshops at Surat

19,20 Apr
Workshop on LOVE series
28, 29 Apr
Workshop for Fountainhead School Teachers
10 May
Diploma Series Workshop - III
24, 25 May
Graduate Series Workshop - III
12 July
Diploma Series Workshop - IV
26, 27 Jul
Graduate Series Workshop - IV
11 Oct
Diploma Series Workshop - V
29, 30 Nov
Graduate Series Workshop - V
13 Dec
Diploma Series Workshop - VI
27, 28 Dec
Graduate Series Workshop - VI

Calendar of Oasis Workshops at Mumbai

3 May
Diploma Series Workshop - III
5 July
Diploma Series Workshop - IV
4 Oct
Diploma Series Workshop - V
6 Dec
Diploma Series Workshop - VI


Calendar of Oasis Events 2008

2nd to 4th
Oasis-Bangalore team on an Exploration at one of the Dense forests of Karnataka
Rural Development Seminar
Anti-tobacco Event in Slum
Farmers' Meet
World Environment Day
1st - 7th
Environment Week Celebration
Last Week
Youth Camp at Mumbai
7th - 12th
Parents Meet at Surat
Farmers' Meet
International Youth Day
Health Mela at Bangalore
Farmers' Meet
Teachers' Day
Farmers' Meet
Children's Day Celebration at Bangalore
Youth Exploration (Mumbai)
24th - 25th
Farmers' Seminar - State Level
International Volunteers' Day
Farmers' Meet
L3 - Graduation Day Celebration


Note :- The dates can be changed due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the dates of the program in advance with respective coordinator of the activity/Oasis centre.


  Special Announcements

Oasis invites all NGOs, individuals who are putting their efforts for Rural Development to the seminar on 'Sharing collective vision for sustainable Rural Development'. The seminar will take place on 13-14 May, 2008 near Ahmedabad as per the address mentioned in the leaflet above. It's a two-day residential seminar. For registration, kindly contact Dr. Pallavi Raulji on 9924343088 or Dr. Maya Soni on 9904342159.


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A small get-together was organized to celebrate the completion of the first year of ASHA activities in Surat this month. 12 women- 8 housewives, 1 teacher in service and other 3 retired ladies came together and shared heartfelt changes that the programme has brought into their lives in bonus with the satisfaction they could derive from teaching children. It is said, if you dedicate yourself to some great cause, then some greatness of the cause will befalls upon you. See how a simple act of giving has evolved these women….

Now I have the confidence of saying what is right in front of 100s.
ASHA – Just as the name suggests ‘ASHA’, IT BROUGHT NEW HOPE IN MY LIFE. After joining ASHA, I got immense courage and confidence. One year back, I was a lady who could not speak her thoughts in front of even 2 strangers. But, ASHA changed this lady overnight. Now I have the confidence of saying what is right in front of 100s. It brought out the love that I have for children and joy I get, communicating with them. It gave me the opportunity to see what was hidden deep inside me. It taught me how to manage my time fruitfully. With ASHA I made new friends who had lots to share and teach me. Everyday there was so much to learn. I learnt the real joy of giving, because I don’t know how much the children gained from this one year of training but for me the pleasure was immense. There were many things that we do in our everyday life but ASHA taught us the right way of living a healthy life. The positive attitude that we get there is a healing balm for all our pains. I have once again started enjoying life. Tiny details and daily core that we learned about our eyes, teeth, ears..., Yoga, bathing, skin care... is helping us to take care of ourselves and our children also. Hoping to be part of this forever..

-Anuradha Shah

My hesitation disappeared, right in the first class
When I started before one year.. I had so much of apprehension. I was hesitant that teen age children would not be much interested in Health Education.
This hesitation disappeared, right in the first class. I am happy to say that children proved us wrong. Their inquisitiveness, their awareness about health and their eagerness to learn new things, their enthusiasm which is reflected in the kind of questions they asked... during quiz sessions, their eagerness to answer was eye catching. Probably, they felt that these teachers come to teach us something different (not the routine studies.). They were extremely eager to implement what they learnt in class.

- Sneha Malkaan

Earlier I used to feel that I can take care only of my husband, my kids and my family. Now I am confident…
I would first like to introduce myself. I am Purna. I have two children and a home full of Love. Earlier I used to feel that I can take care only of my husband, my kids and my family. I can not do anything more by going out of home. I did not have confidence in myself that I can do anything more.
After one year of being ASHA teacher, this Purna is completely changed. I am confident that I can do all these things.
It is such a pleasure to know that every week children of the schools are waiting eagerly for me.
I feel so good to see that children are eager to know about Health and implement it.
I can see Love for me in eyes of 60 children and that makes me feel confident.

- Purna Shah

I have used my time and energy for the first time in such good work and I am very happy that I did...
The experience of ASHA project was so much pleasant and unimaginable.
I was so much afraid in the beginning; will I be able to handle 60 children at once? Will I be able to deliver the right message?
..I could do it.
Children were almost eagerly waiting for us. Their inquisitiveness, eagerness to learn and implement immediately, have infused enthusiasm and joy in us.
Children’s unselfish and innocent Love for me was the most touching experience. I have used my time and energy for the first time in such good work and I am very happy that i did.

-Minal Shah

I like this Praksha – of last 1 year, so much more then, Praksha of last 11 years
When the ASHA project was launched, I decided from the deep of my heart to join. When we wish to do something, from the heart genuinely, we get so much support from all around, that is what I experienced. In spite of so many odds, my husband and my family supported me.

I have working for last 11 years as a teacher in a school. But, this 1 year of being an ASHA teacher was so different. I like this Praksha – of last 1 year, so much more then, Praksha of last 11 years. Their inquisitiveness, eagerness to learn and implement immediately brings tears in my eyes.

- Praksha Desai

All of us always have a desire to do something… We must fulfill it
I got the opportunity to do something on my own strength for the first time in my life and I feel I have done good job.
We all ASHA teachers learnt how much valuable our body is. It is the best friend we have. Often, we used to ignore to take care of our body, but, I feel that any person who is once attached to ASHA would never do it.
I also learnt what team work is, what punctuality is, what co operation is. We are almost like a family.
I have heard that to gain something, we need to let go something. But, I feel that in ASHA, I only gained so many things.

I would like to add that all of us always have a desire to do something. We must fulfill it. It is good for us and also for our city (nation).

- Sabnis Badami

(In academic year 2007-08, ASHA project was launched in 12 classes of 5 schools of lower income group in Surat. Around 600 children underwent the first year of ASHA – Adolescent Students Health Education Alternatives- education programme.)

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