Why Oasis Publications are ‘Must Read’ for Society Today


Do any of these resemble your problems of life.........


  • I have a successful career but a stuttering family life.

  • I am a Manager but have problem of making people responsible

  • I am a father and my son’s addiction worries me.

  • My marriage life is in real crisis today.

  • I am a student and have problem of concentration.

  • None of my plans have worked so far.

  • I have a constant problem of how to pass my time.

  • I am always surrounded by crisis in life.


Do you have these questions that bother you often?


  • Can I control myself emotionally?

  • Is there any solution to laziness?

  • Can I find love and happiness in my relationships?

  • What is success and how can I be successful?

  • How can I be prosperous?

  • What is to learn? What is the best way to learn?

  • What is Character? Can I change myself? How?


All these are very deep and painful problems of our life and very disturbing questions that plague our conscience. They are not easy to answer or solve! We all have experienced it time and again - and so these books are for you.


You may be facing many problems in any role of your life.... You may be married, parent, housewife, a teacher, a student, a businessman, a politician or a manager, an employee..... Whatever role it maybe –


But if you seek to create the tallest character
If you seek answers to these problems & questions of life
If you look forward to living life to the fullest –
Then you must not only read these books
But also gift it to those whom you love!


Hence you are most lovingly welcome into this world of wisdom represented in these books!


However, it may please be noted that these books are basically designed to provide windows for contemplation to its readers. It is through Contemplation and Meditation that the readers can derive the best advantages flowing from any source of wisdom.


How to Read These Books


  • As inspiration during difficult times: All developmental books and especially these are like treasures of knowledge. One needs to refer them again and again as and when, s\he is going through important aspects of life. The concepts in these books are such which continuously give inspiration to live the ideals of change and growth in day to day life. People with different understanding level about life can relate themselves in respective manner. 

  • To inculcate the ideals and values: All such books should be read out of the strong desire to change and instill highest of the ideals in our lives. One needs to understand the message given in the book appropriately and apply in day to day life.

  • To teach/share whatever one learns: Teaching is the best way of learning. If we read any such concept as teacher, means we teach this to someone within 48 hours after reading the same, then we can remember and understand the same more deeply and keenly.

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