Why Haakal Camps? 



Swami Vivekanand left the world 116 years back (1902) at a young age of 39 years. Still, his powerful thoughts and words inspire generations and will continue for centuries to come. His strengthful words have the power to stir the dead to life, turn the dying conscience into electrifying passion and ignite meek spirit into roaring lion. Oasis also experiences the same and accepts his thoughts.


As a homage to this gigantic character, Oasis has compiled the best thoughts from all his books into one book called Haakal, which could be inspiring for many at the same time it could be self-revelation for others. To spread his message to thousands of children and youths, Oasis organizes and conducts camps based on the book with the same name as Haakal camps.


The most important objectives of this camp are to help youths to realize that they have a lot of potentials, to inspire them to live with strength so much so that each one of them has the courage and confidence to create thousands of Nachiketas. (Nachiketa is a character from ancient Hindu scriptures, who dared to ask questions to Yama, God of Death. Nachiketa is a symbol of single-minded pursuit of the path of self-realization.)


Glimpses of Haakal Camps

If you wish to organize Haakal Camp for youth/children, Please contact Local Oasis Coordinator in your city/ area or Oasis Head Office at Vadodara.
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