Gender Sensitising Workshops

Workshops Conducted So Far


Year 2003

2 workshops on Gender Sensitivity for health workers  from the NGO  partners of Surat Municipal Corporation who are actively working with Commercial sex worksers, Gay community and other Family planning projects. Total participants- 132, Facilitated by Sanjiv Shah


Year 2008

Event Report,Comprehending Gender, Oasis-ASHA, Bangalore organized a Gender Sensitisation Workshop, on 6th January 2008

Oasis, Bangalore, conducted a Gender Sensitisation Workshop for its ASHA members and their respective spouses. The aim of the workshop was to bring out gender related human conditioning and impression/impact of the society on one’s mind to a conscious level. For all the 22 participants, this workshop was an introspective session wherein each one tried to understand the various experiences of gender conditioning that they have gone through in their lifetime.


The session was an eye opener for many participants for whom gender itself was a new concept. They were introduced to concepts like conditioning- the thoughts, beliefs and values that an individual gathers in the process of growing from an infant to an adult which make up one’s belief system. Based on conditioning and experience the participants were asked to identify defining characteristics of both the genders. The participants also discussed the advantages and limitations of their own gender as well as the opposite gender.


One interesting segment of the five hour workshop was the debate on the physical toughness and strength of males and females. This argument divided the entire group along the lines of gender with each group defending their opinion that their gender is stronger than the other. It was treating both for the eyes and ears with most participants reaching the edge of their seats in excitement trying to pitch in their reasons.


On the whole it was a very interesting, well structured and well conducted workshop. The session held on the 13th January’08 was in continuation to the first phase of the workshop that was conducted on 6th January’08. The focus of the second session, that had 18 participants, was on understanding the traditional norms, values and customs that contribute towards the formation of gender roles. This was an extension of the concept of conditioning that was covered in the first session. In a group based case study session where male and female participants were given separate case studies, the participants discussed the most significant parts of the study according to them and how they could relate the case study to their personal lives. The role play session was the most enlightening part of the five hour workshop wherein two couples volunteered to participate. The couples were expected to reverse their roles and discuss a significant issue where they disagreed with each other. The entire exercise was an introspective one where each partner was supposed to understand the thoughts and feeling of their spouse on that issue. Both the couples did the exercise with utmost sincerity and affirmed that the exercise helped them understand the relationship with their spouse more clearly. They realized that a little more verbal communication was required with each other without assuming that the other person will understand their innermost thoughts on their own. Both the sessions of the workshop were conducted by Dr. Neha Vakharia, Chief Co-ordinator Oasis Bangalore. She made the entire workshop very participative and thought provoking. On the whole it was a great learning experience for all.


Year 2013

On 30-31 Dec 2012 & 1 Jan, 2013, 'An Orientation to Gender Sensitivity' Workshop was organised for Forest Dept., Banaskantha for total participants 23. It was facilitated by Dr. Pallavi Raulji, Trustee, OASIS.

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