Facilitators' Training

The central spirit of Oasis Movement has always been to facilitate learning and growth in society by way of sharing. With this spirit, TOT - Training of Trainers Programme was initiated in Surat in 2005. At the end of training, all the participants of the programme gave the commitment and fulfilled the same of teaching what they have learnt to other groups.

Every person's experience brings in a creative transformation in one's life and s/he lovingly helps others to do the same. So as an important value, all workshop participants are educated and empowered to become educators.

All participants always attend the workshop in the capacity of teachers/leaders. The concepts they learn in the workshop need to be shared by them with other people in a defined, short span of time. Every individual would love to share what s/he has learnt and benefited from. They are affirmed when they do so. And they also feel worthy when they contribute in the growth of other human beings.

This way the concepts also can be spread to many people. Oasis organised few such workshops in & around Surat, where the teachers were first timers! Yet, the humble impact they created was a gratifying experience!!

Values of Oasis Workshop Facilitator


Followings are the principles and values being practiced by the facilitator while conducting the Oasis Life Workshops.


  • All decisions by consensus: Workshop schedules, any changes in the same or any such decisions are always taken by all the participants together and are never imposed on them.

  • Genuine respect for all: All the participants are potentially great and divine human beings. They are treated with utmost sincere respect. In this way, the facilitator does not have to remember ‘status’ or ‘designations’ of the participants as all are treated with equal respect. An environment of genuine friendship is created this way.

  • Minute plans, spontaneous flexibility: The workshop is planned very minutely, down to the subtle details so as to give the participants best value for their investments (in terms of time and money). Yet, the facilitator is open for all changes if they are in favour of effectiveness of the workshop (in terms of gains to the participants). So spontaneity and flexibility are also important parameters of planning.

  • More affirmation, negligible criticism: Participants are affirmed for all their positive aspects to strengthen their core. Criticism and unsolicited advices are avoided.

  • Praise introspective statements: Participants are heartily praised and affirmed for their honest self-assessments, frank confessions, sharing of deep personal experiences etc. An environment is created to look respectably at such introspective participation, as this is the main pillar of success for an individual.

  • Listen more to communicate well: The workshop doesn’t include lectures and preaching, that is, talking too much on the part of the facilitator. His responsibility is to listen well, to encourage introspective participation, to affirm positively and judiciously share his insights after creating intense environment for learning.

  • Meaningful chaos is okay: Chaos can be very useful and constructive for learning provided it is with the collective spirit to search the truth. They are not necessarily “indiscipline”, “disorder”, to be curbed all the time. Facilitator is happy to allow purposeful chaos.

  • Facilitator is a model learner: Facilitator does not have to be playing the “superiority” role all the time! Rather he comes across as a humble human being, willing to learn from anybody, everybody all the time. He does not pretend having solutions and expert comments about anything. He feels free to confess his ignorance or inability / inappropriateness to comment or judge something.


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