Launching of Movement “Education is Dying”

When Hur Jinwala, student from Navsari (Gujarat) met Sanjiv Shah (Founder, Oasis Movement) after winning in Misaal Project, she shared the pain and concerns she had specifically for her classmates and in general the students of our country. She had some very keen observations about the education system and she decided to write a letter to the Education Minister. Eventually she wrote the letter with her suggestions for better changes in the system. She also got the letter signed by the students and the teachers who agreed with her.

In the recent Annual Retreat 2018, Hur & Sanjivbhai launched the movement “Education is Dying”. They announced that the letter will be sent to the Education Minister of Gujarat, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Prime Minister of India, Education Department of India and Oasis Movement.

This would be the first letter from Hur and the movement shall move forward with hundreds of letters written by many students across the country.

















Apart from her willingness and choice to start this movement, there was one more strong reason why she was chosen.


She does not have eyes to see; still she can see it (the problems in our education system)

We have eyes to see, yet we fail to see it.

Sanjivbhai shared what he already told her, “If God comes and grants me a wish for her, I will not ask for her eyes. For she has felt what we all have failed to see. I would only ask for a feeling where she believes she can achieve whatever she aims for.”

Hur concluded and reflected, “There is a huge contribution of Sanjivbhai in me writing this letter and this is possible only because he is there to support.”

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