Dream India Camps

Those parents who think their child needs:


  • A platform to bring out his/her hidden talents 

  • An atmosphere where he/she has complete freedom, yet at the same time learns to be responsible 

  • An exposure to cultivate qualities like leadership, brotherhood, teamwork & many more! 

  • To be exposed to community living 

  • To learn to be happy in every phase/ situation of life 

  Oasis Dream India Camp is the right place to be in. 


  The only criteria is that he/she should be between 10-18 years of age.

  For Registration, please contact Oasis office immediately on -

  Phone: (0265) 2321728 Or Mob.: +91 98251 49341 (Hiral Patel)

Freedom of Choice


Children have choice of some 40-50 subjects/activities in a span of 8-10 days! They were free to choose what they wanted to learn & nobody was forced to do anything...

...the schedule begins at 6am and continues jam packed till almost 11 at night!


There are indoor sessions as well as outdoor sessions…

...many children doesn't wish to sleep even after 'lights out' time, so much excited they are each and every day!


For 7-10 days of Dream India Camp, children are as if they are at a 'Wonderland' called Oasis Valleys. In the most conducive atmosphere they learn life's very important lessons. Many have tears while departing and they promise to come again and again for such experience. Oasis promises them more and more such camps in coming times.


Not only children, but the teachers, facilitators and faculties also had a great time.

Children's Parliament: The Soul of the Camp


“Given freedom & opportunity, children are capable of sorting out their problems on their own and that too, creatively.” We strongly believe in this & hence it became the foundation of Children’s Parliament at the Oasis Dream India Camp.


There are approximately 80-100 people, including children and around 10-15 Facilitators. Children elect their Representatives, a Main Speaker and a Deputy Speaker to make a body of 6-10 members as jury to represent a Miniature India of all citizens. First of all, they make their rules/laws in various categories, e.g. Rules for stay at Oasis Valleys, during sessions, for Institute & Environment, for resolving camp problems etc. To run it more systematically, a Suggestion Box is kept where children can drop their complaints or suggestions. These are all taken to the assembly every night where the parliament is run. During the parliament assembly, each and every suggestion/complaint is discussed thoroughly and the discussion may go on till they had found satisfactory solutions. In the course of 8-10 days, they get evolved and soon they come out with very creative and mature solutions for the problems and punishments for rule breaking individuals, which don't surprise us. So genuine is the process that even senior members/facilitators are also taken for trial, and children don't hesitate.

Principles practiced at Dream India Camp


  • Every Child is Good without exception.

  • The School & the Teacher is for the child; the child is not for the teacher or school. (It is a failure of the school if a child doesn't want to go to school or attend classes.)

  • The Goal of Life, and so Education, is to work happily and find joy.

  • Learning is always a voluntary choice; one cannot force children to learn in a creative way.

  • Education should not just be development of the intellect, but the development of emotional intelligence, too. 

  • Also, education is to bring out what is already hidden within children, and not to stuff or cram things.

  • Children thrive and grow the most in an environment of complete freedom. 

  • Imposed discipline and guilt make children fearful and dishonest about their feelings.

  • The role of a Teacher is to enjoy and affirm children, to create an environment of freedom and to support and fulfill children's requirements for growth.

  • Given freedom & opportunity, children are capable to sort out their problems on their own and that too, creatively.

  • A Very vital responsibility of parents is to nurture independence of a child and actually believe that child is capable of doing his/her own things.

Sharing of Love


How much love they received and how much they enjoyed...

... their days were busy, their hands full, their energy occupied creatively; they were never scolded and always met with a smile, encouragement and appreciation!


And lo behold, all the love given to them came back multiplied...

...and they proved adults enjoy love and appreciation too, something that we are not very generous to give nowadays!


On the last evening, children exhibit what they learn and creat during the whole camp. A special program of performances is organized and children participate very enthusiastically.

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