Misaal Project

Who can participate?

  • Teenagers from the age of 14 yrs to 17 yrs

  • College youths

  • Teachers

  • Citizens

First Level: ESSAY Writing

To know the ideas and thoughts of the participants

Participants are required to write an essay of maximum 1,000 words on any ONE of the following topics:

If I am PM, one thing I will change...and how?

If I am Education Minister of India...

How every youth should help India...

Why children deserve respect and freedom...?

Why gender discrimination is crime...?

  • Limited Entries on ‘First Come, First Serve’ basis.

  • Participants are evaluated based only on their thoughts and ideas.

How to submit Essay?

  • Submission of Essay: Within 4-5 days from receiving the form

  • To confirm registration participants are required to submit

  • Filled Participation Form with Agreement

  • Fees of Competition

  • 3 copies of Essay written in A-4 size paper

  • Name & Form Number should be written on Top of first page.

  • Essays will be judged by Team of 3 Judges appointed by Oasis. Preferably one male judge, one female judge and 3rd those previously associated with Oasis.

  • Selected Participants, who scored more than 60% marks shall go to next level.

Second Level: Group Dialogue

To evaluate their listening skills, openness to learn new things from different people, acceptance of new thoughts and ideas and the ability to utilize them in the right manner, to test their communication skills and confidence level.

Following themes are given before 24 hours by sms/ through phone calls:

Why India is still one of the most corrupt countries?

Ills of Prevailing Education System in India and Solutions.

Roots of Civic Uncleanliness and Remedies for India.

How can India improve and protect its Environment?

Are Poverty & Unemployment realities in India and how to eradicate both?


  • The G.D. shall have 10-12 members in a group.

  • The participants are expected to prepare their presentation on any ONE of the above topics for group dialogue

  • Each participant presents the chosen topic for 3-5 mins. Thereafter they are given a break for 30 mins. During which they are expected to incorporate learnings/ insights from others’ presentations, prepare a new presentation and present before the group.

  • The Judging will be done by a Panel of 3 selected people.

  • The Participants selected for the next stage will be informed by SMS in 4-5 days.

Third Level: Project Work (On field)

To test their commitment for the cause, ability to plan and execute, ability to resolve issues on their own, ability to work with others in teams, ability to involve people and create an impact in the society.

  • The theme shall be same as theme on which they have written the essay.

  • The Project shall be one day project work, on field.

  • Judging shall be done by panel of 3 Judges.

  • Winners shall be informed within 4-5 days by SMS.

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