Aisi Ki Taisi Movement Sessions


Step 1:

1 hour sessions of Exam Ki Aisi Ki Taisi were organized by volunteers for students of class 10th and 12th. The booklets were distributed among these students. Students promised that after enough hard work, whatever happens in exams they will not be dishearten and they will focus on their talents.

The aim of these sessions was to spread the message of facing the exams with courage and hard work and not to dishearten by results. Eventually the message will be reaching to parents, relatives, teachers, and principals to keep an encouraging approach towards the children instead of creating pressure.

Step 2:

The same volunteers go back to same students with session & booklet - Result ki aisi ki taisi. The message is - Result of Exams has hardly anything to do with Success in Life, which is evident from the lives of Great People of the World, starting from Thomas Alva Edison, Mahatma Gandhiji to Sachin Tendulkar.

Step 3:

Oasis Life Classes (monthly 2 hrs sessions for same students to bring out their hidden potentials and to learn principles of Life for Greatness) for all students involved.


Who made it possible?


500 + Volunteers and Oasis Team, All made it happen…

More than 500 volunteers who included Teenagers, Youths and Adults worked as Session facilitators and made it happen, and the movement continues.

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