Phase 2-Course on Love
Phase 1-Basic Course

L3 Course is divided into 4 parts to go ahead step by step in Self Development, Love, Relationships (Marriage, Parenting & Family) and Spirituality.

Basic course is the first year of Oasis L3 course, where the sequential process of self-development- Success with self, Success in relationships and Success in Continuous Health is being taught. The salient features of this part of course are- participants getting the thrill of systematic knowledge and understanding of their growth and facilitator’s bonding- creating deep level of trust with the participants.

The second part of the Oasis L3 Course is on the basic theme of Learning to Love. Participants come across knowledge and practices for the first time in their life about what Love/Marriage/Parenting/Family is and how to develop themselves and people around them. The intensity of this phase is more and participants are moved and involved in the learning process much deeply. The participants start enjoying the vulnerability, as if they have come alive.

This is the last phase. The participants, who have completed major challenge of fulfilling a commitment, feel high in confidence. They no more can stagnate in life. They have started relishing “problems”, which they look upon now only as opportunities. Life becomes the process of continuous celebrations! Now they start practicing the most difficult act of empathetic listening. The whole year sees community of participants in a different orbit. Most can’t believe how they were living their lives just 3-4 years back! Life seems so much beautiful now!

The first two parts give lot of inputs to participants by way of experiential knowledge. They understand life in the light of knowledge and get the glimpses of what it takes to practice the principles and values of life. But it’s in this phase that real action starts. This is where they are now ready with the clarity of concepts and need to take challenge of first transforming self and then help transformation of people around them. The group of participants acts as jury, the facilitator too becoming one of them. The jury supports, challenges, helps, and questions and does whatever is necessary to each member of this community in the spirit of love and friendship.

Phase 4-Course on Empathy
Phase 3-Course on Integrity

Marriage, Parenting & Family

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