The need for Aisi Ki Taisi Movement…

The movement began with the booklet ‘Exam ki aisi ki taisi’ written by Sanjiv Shah (Founder, Oasis Movement).

What he shared about the booklet and its purpose:

"The booklet 'Exam ki aisi ki taisi' has been primarily written for students in general so that they don't lose heart, get frustrated or consider exams and scorecard as the finality of their life. 

However, I am equally certain that many parents and even teachers would be taken aback by the title of this booklet, perhaps hold me accountable for misguiding students, and also accuse me of teaching them carelessness instead of hard work.

I have a request to all these adult friends – please go and meet the families of those students who have committed suicide dreading or due to their poor exam results. Give them this book and ask them whether given a chance, wouldn’t they have chosen to give this message to their child before losing him forever?!

And then, try to imagine - what if our child or some other kids around us are experiencing a similar turmoil and loneliness today?

I have only one question and the very answer to it is the objective of this booklet:

Are results of exams more important to us than our child’s life, his future and his happiness?"

- Sanjiv Shah

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