Be the Change - Case Studies

Story for Integrity


By Hiral Patel,

Participant of Oasis L3 Course-Batch 2012


"My real journey of learning in life started when I joined a 4 years course by Oasis, ‘Philosophy, Art & Science of Living, Loving & Learning.’ In the first 2 years there was a gradual change in my life as we tried to understand many new concepts related to life & relationships. In the first two years of the workshop lots of inputs were given by the facilitators. Then the journey took off in the 3rd which is the year of Integrity.


It is so easy to define the word integrity- oneness in thoughts, words & behaviour. When I questioned myself that when did I last live this definition, I had to go back to my childhood. It might sound strange but the fact is, ever since I got out of Boarding school at the age of 16 I was trying to please everybody around me. So I was a different person inside & put on a mask for the outside world! First I had to change that about myself!...




Turning point of my life


By Farooq Pathan,

Participant of Oasis Youth Camps & Indian Young Leadership Development Program


"I got full freedom from my parents. They have hardly forced me to obey. But I had been irresponsible. Because of my irresponsibility and bad company of friends, I was addicted to cigarette and used a lot of slangs (foul language). I was so addicted to these things that I could not get rid of them and my health and study had been affected.


When I came to Oasis for Summerhill Camp I realized that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. I was elected as a jury member and I could develop my skills. Oasis team pointed out and appreciated each and every good quality of mine and treated me as if I were a very good person. I became very happy. But after the camp when I went home I was living the same life as earlier. I was wasting my time in smoking, using foul language and other useless things.


Once, in my school, I was caught smoking so the principal became very angry and suspended me for a week. He informed all the teachers and students and insulted me. He also informed in Oasis that Farooq is a very bad boy and he will be a bad influence for other children....





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