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Grand Son of A.S.Neill & Vice Principal of Summerhill 
       Henry Readhead's First Visit to India & Oasis 
Inspires Teachers, Principals, Authorities, Parents, Children & many more
Freedom with Responsibility can really
Make Children Own their Learning

Henry Readhead is a grandson of A. S. Neill and currently Vice Principal of Summerhill School. On invitation from Oasis, Henry visited India for the first time and spent a fortnight in a series of Programs across India.  The Program was – ‘Dialogue with Henry Readhead’ & the theme was to discuss - How to inculcate democratic values in Schools, What freedom is for children & How to give it, and How children thrive maximum in such atmosphere of Freedom & Happiness.  

Henry visited 7 places across India in 15 days and had a dialogue with @ 1000 School Principals, Teachers, Authorities, Parents, Children and people from organizations associated with Education & Children.  He visited Oasis Valleys (Vadodara), Surat, Bengaluru, Delhi, Srinagar, Jammu & Mumbai during 25th August to 9th September.

“Democratic way of conflict resolution was Eye-opener”
“A good perspective on democratic education by Henry”

In his Sessions Henry explained What is Summerhill by sharing his personal journey at Summerhill - How as a kid he wanted to pursue music and by the age of 30 he realized that his heart lies in Summerhill School as he was constantly talking about Summerhill than music. That’s when he decided to dedicate his life to Summer Hill School and become an educationalist. 

Henry explained how Freedom & Happiness work for wholistic growth of children. He talked about 3 pillars of Summerhill - 1. Freedom, Not license, 2. Equality, and 3. Meeting Process - Resolving conflicts through democratic ways. He talked about rules made by children at Summerhill and shared examples of Meeting Process

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