Dreams During Lockdown- What We Achieved by 30 April, 2020
Community Mission Statement for April 2020

Every Problem is an opportunity in disguise.

If we're passionate for life, we will never waste our time.

If we're creative, no situation can waste out time.

While keeping strict physical distance in a responsible way,

while improving our hygiene, health and fitness levels,

we worked hard to bridge the gap between Dreams and Realities,

by transforming rare adversity in to greatest opportunity.


  • Aatmaja joined Oasis full time, started her contributions. As Facilitator of “Misaal Honourship Explorer Project”, designed and monitored upcoming MHE batch of 2020 started her long cherished dream of creative writing.

  •  Akhilesh took charge as Project Manager of “YouTube”, and published videos of all se at Annual Retreat 2020.

  • Alkesh readied various infrastructure projects through coordination while working simultaneously on OPs and routine maintenance.

  • Ami created database of World’s Best Quotations for upcoming unique compilation by Oasis Publications.

  • Avadhi took charge to as Project Manager of “MHE Recruitment Project”, taking challenge of finding 40 independent-minded youths for upcoming batch. She also took up challenge of rejuvenating “Alive”, making them highly exciting newsletters. 

  • Binit camped at office to monitor MHEs and completed his accountabilities as Trustee Secretary.

  • Dinkal initiated Project Coordination of new OP “Beej Ma Vruksh Tu”, as also working on other publications, along with leading as MHE systems manager.

  • Drashti and Karuna delivered all vegan meals all round month with consistent good quality. Krina updated systems and readied social media for propagation.

  • Harsh created comprehensive database of all key projects of Oasis Movement up till now for giving OM a jump start, along with taking the project of “Digitization” of Oasis to finishing line.

  • Jolly re-designed “Oasis Website” beautifully along with 5 fresh and bewitching cover pages of Books.

  • Mansi kept all Oasis premises spotlessly clean. • Maya prepared two OPs to be published in May.

  • Mehul created mega App and Portal of Oasis Movement for storing enormous amount of data every year, simultaneously creating a grand vision for agriculture at Oasis Valleys for upcoming 10 years.

  • Pallavi reviewed systems for all kind of operations at Oasis Valleys and also re menu of Oasis Valleys for healthy and delicious Vegan dishes.

  • Prajesh took responsibility of responsibilities in Accounts Department.

  • Preeti supported all administrative and management functions along with training for Oasis Vegan Treats.

  • Purva created 500 error free pages as team member of Documentation Department.

  • Rajneesh organized publications store and set efficient.

  • Ronak edited OMCCAR videos while developing focus.

  • Sanjiv worked upon 2 fresh books while mentoring and sharing the secrets of Oasis Movement with next gen team for leading the movement.

  • Shailesh completed Financial Audit fresh goals for Movement in 2020 management of Oasis Valleys in 2020 along with a mini project of managing “Oasis Publication House” independently.

  • Sheeba cleared agreements of 5 with Publishers for Diwali 2020, prepared the index of Oasis Book in English on Responsible Democratic Education based on DIC experiments. And ensured 75% of financial 2020-21.

  • Vaishnavi took full charge of accounts and submitted audit of 2019 values of Oasis.

  • Vinit took charge as Project Manager of “Life Camps”, taking challenge of 500 camps in a year, and prepared grand vision on how to spread magic to 20-25,000 students.


Personally and collectively
Along with doing these jobs passionately,
we learnt facts about Coronavirus,
removed clutter from home, office and gadgets,
read a lot of lovely books,
watched some great movies,
practised character traits and shared reflections
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