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Oasis had designed a special workshop series on Leadership and Management to propagate its movement for character-building. This workshop series is aimed to guide those who could not acquire systematic training in these areas, yet by virtue of their talent (or otherwise!), they are required to exercise their roles as leaders or managers.


There are many myths about leadership and management in our society in general and business community in particular. One such belief being, only some people are meant to be leaders/managers and not all can be trained for the same. In a way, this belief is true as it suggests that leading or managing an army of people towards a common goal can be possible only by some people who have got the flair for this job. But thinking deeply, this belief also means that people can not be empowered and need to be “driven” by one leader for getting or achieving some common goals.


Most of the people, even those who are reasonably competent about achieving results, can not clearly articulate the difference between leadership and management. In government and other enterprises, where things are done virtually by power of position, we rarely see an attempt by power-holders to win the trust of people/staff before they delegate jobs. Poor relationships mar many organizations. Confusion about priorities badly affects the effectiveness of any organization. All these symptoms indicate a poor understanding of leadership and management.


The consequences of this ignorance are not just limited to workplaces/ organizations alone. The laws of leadership also include the Law of Ripple Effect, which suggests that a leader first influences people near to him/her and, like ripples then, this influence spreads outward. This means that if a person’s relationship with one’s spouse, children etc is poor, in the ultimate analysis, that person can not be an ideal leader. If the tendency to take people for granted is present at home-front, then it cannot be hidden from workplace for long. It requires a bit of introspection and common sense to understand the relationships between this integrity, happiness of a person and productivity of individuals as well as organizations.


We hope that this workshop series from Oasis will play its humble role to propagate the right culture of character ethics in society. We are always looking forward to share the process of developing leadership traits and management habits with like-minded people.

- Sanjiv Shah

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The Gift of Leadership