Annual Retreats


Third Annual Retreat in 2017

Annual Retreat 2017 was organized on 12 to 14 January, 2018 at Oasis Valleys. Oasis Movement Core Community comprising of Core Executive Committee, Children & Youth leaders, Members from all parts of Gujarat and other regions of India, including Jammu & Kashmir, Bengaluru (Karnataka), Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Well-wishers from all over India & USA; in total some 100 members, gathered at Oasis Valley on the noon of 12th January 2018. After informal introduction session, presentations started. Presentations of Misaal Project and Life, Love and Leadership Camps and Launching of Sadionu Shaanpan followed. Sharing of stories started and extended over to the dinner over the camp fire.

On day 2 began with Aisi Ki Taisi Movement’ Presentation which was followed by stories of L3 Workshops for Teenagers and Youths, Jyotirdhar Abhiyaan, Dream India Camps and Programs in Jammu & Kashmir. A new campaign of “Education is Dying” was launched by Sanjivbhai with Hur Jinwala as its ambassador. A Panel of Translators of Oasis Publications from different regions presented their work with a spontaneous demo on the how translations happen.


Third day started with the sharing of Vision for 2018. Videos of reflections and impact of programs in Jammu & Kashmir were shared. A round of future prospects and propagation of Oasis Movement were laid down for different projects. Members shared how they felt after attending the retreat. And in the end, the hug session concluded the retreat.

Second Annual Retreat in 2016

The Annual Retreat was organized at Oasis Valleys from December 2 to 4, 2016. 91 guests from 6 generations of 80 year old veterans to 15 year old teenagers, came together from U.S., different parts of country and state. Before the Annual Retreat 2016, Oasis Movement Core Community got together to prepare Exhibition. The displays included Work and Wealth Audit Reports, Alive Archive, Media Coverage, Projects of Oasis Movement, Literature of World Movements from Oasis First Annual Retreat and Photographs from the year 1989 to 2016. After visiting the exhibition, 6 generations of friends came together for the introduction in this diverse group on the first day. Teenage participants from different parts of India (Ahmedabad, Surat, Navsari, Anand, Dangs and other parts of Gujarat, Bengaluru, etc) were invited impromptu to be the next generation leaders. All accepted the challenge courageously and  enthusiastically. Representatives of newly launched Oasis chapter at Jammu and Kashmir visited Annual Retreat. They shared the prevalent scenario of the state and aspirations to make a difference with the help of Oasis.

First Annual Retreat in 2015

It was a milestone for Oasis as the first Annual Retreat of new Oasis Movement Core Community (OMCC) was organized at Oasis Valleys from 4th to 6th December, 2015. Oasis Founders, Trustees, Patrons, Close friends, Youth Team and Teenagers - 70 friends, spanning 6 generations from 14 to 74 years, participated in the retreat.

This retreat celebrated multiple occasions of 25+ years of Oasis Movement, 22nd aniversary of Oasis Trust as well as inauguration of Oasis Valleys Institute. The primary agenda of the retreat was to evolve a common understanding about the vision of Oasis Movement, its values and principles and also to pass on this legacy to the young Oasis team. This retreat laid the foundation of next phase of expansion of Oasis Movement with new regional centers and exciting projects proposed by new teams & next generation of leaders. This includes new centers across Surat, Navsari, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad & Vadodara.

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