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About Oasis

  • A unique organization and aspiring movement originated at Vadodara, Gujarat in 1989.

  • Registered Public Charitable Trust in 1993 under BPT Act (1950). 

  • Activities are spread across all major cities & many rural parts of Gujarat as well as Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Jammu & Kashmir and also in select parts of USA & Europe.


Oasis Projects

  • Oasis believes that ‘Education of Heart’ should be at the heart of our education system.

  • Self Leadership workshops for Principals, Teachers and other Academicians known as Jyotirdhar program is one of its flagship programs.

  • Today nearly 500 school leaders are enrolled as Jyotirdhar-participants in Gujarat and are engaged with influencing education system in a positive manner.

  • Oasis – Dream India Camp on Democratic and Responsible Education is the niche program for school students and impact has been recognized internationally.

  • Innovative and community awareness programs designed for child-centric education.

  • Inspired by the sustained impact of this program, the Education Dept., Govt. of Gujarat has recently initiated a partnership with Oasis for scaling this program across the state.

  • Other Project Areas include Organization and Community Development, Parenting and Counseling, Adolescent health education, Citizens’ awareness, Organic-Sustainable Farming Alternatives and Environment Conservation, Publications on Human Development.


'Oasis Valleys'

  • ‘Oasis Valleys’ is perhaps Asia’s first institution of its kind for Character-building and Scientific Human Development Courses. It was inaugurated in November 2011.

  • Institute Building: On the banks of river Narmada, near Vadodara, it is a 30,000sq ft environment-friendly green-building (nationally accredited) to accommodate 100 kids and 20 adults.

  • Institute is built amid a 10-acre Organic-Natural farm and a lush planned forest of more than 4000 trees, which was once a wasteland.

Oasis as Movement

  • Beneficiaries of Oasis Programs: More than a million i.e. 10,00,000 (Ten Lakh)

  • Beneficiaries include diverse communities ranging from CEO, Professionals, Bureaucrats, Govt. officers to Rural and tribal groups, youths, couples etc. across the country and outside.

  • Oasis Publications - Over 100 titles, many being translated in English, Hindi and other Indian languages, with more than 1.5 million copies sold so far.   

Oasis Movement Core Community

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